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Ever wondered what would happen if the Balrog killed the Fellowship? Let's find out!
(Entry 1) Lord Of The Rings, Durin's Bane

(Part 1 Background)

Durin's Bane (From here on out called Bill) was one of the Maiar spirits that served the Valar but turned on them with Melkor, later named Morgoth, fighting on the front lines of many wars in his name. At the end of the war of wrath, many of the dark lord's minions scattered, Bill burrowed into the roots of the misty mountains, licking his wounds in hibernation.

In the middle of the Third Age, the dwarves of Khazad-dum discovered him after digging too deeply and too greedily, dooming them to his wrath. He soon allowed orcs and trolls dwell in the deep with him, letting them worship him like a god as well as cower beneath him; his domain was then renamed to the black pits of Moria. Many of his minions, including Azog the defiler, were killed in the Great Goblin War, but it was a punic victory for the dwarves, who did not resettle Moria. Many years later, the Fellowship Of The Ring ventured through Moria, and Gandalf dueled Bill for the lives of his friends. After many days of battle, Gandalf killed Bill's living body, possibly casting his spirit to the winds as Sarumon's and Saron's would be.

(Part 2 How He Could Have Wone, And The Consequences)

Bill was not a stupid beast; he was Maia, and a veteran of many wars. Tracking the wizard, he would know that they would be retreating to the bridge of Khazad-dum, and so have his minions waiting in hiding there. When the duel commenced, Bill would signal his goblin archers, who had used their time wisely to aim their arrows for the hearts of their prey. The death cries of the Fellowship, too distracted by the battle to see their doom, would strike at the heart of Gandalf. Bill would slay the wizard in his despair, claiming not only his life and that of his friends but the elven ring Narya and the One Ring. With the power granted by two rings of power, two of the mightiest at that, Bill would be restored to full strength.

He would quickly spread his influence to the rest of the misty mountains; this expansion would not go unnoticed, for those realms belonged to Saruman of many colors. The two would soon come into conflict, but the power of the one quickly cowed the wizard, pledging himself to Bill while plotting to steal the ring's power for himself. The forges and breeding pits of Isengard expanded into the realm of Moria, orcish smith however, were not fit to work mithril. The wicked dwarves that traded with the goblins however, were quite suited for the task. In exchange for the tools to do it, the few evil dwarves forged for Bill and his most powerful servants weapons and armor, the likes of which were not seen in an age.

Bill would march his army north to claim the lands west of the misty mountains, starting with a full assault on Rivendell. Drowning the elves in blood and burying them under corpses was not enough, so Bill would set fire to the forests surrounding the last of the homely houses. He would strike from the chaos of the fire, losing many minions to the flames but killing even more elves in the attack. Dueling Elrond in the ashes of his home and loved ones, Bill would slay the elf lord and claimed Vilya for his own.

At the same time, he allowed Saruman to continue his conquest of Rohan, the once-proud kingdom of men falling to his might. He would be in the mists of repopulating the lands with his Uruk-hai and wicked men when he would betray Bill to Saron, joining the Nazgul in an assassination attempt. To double their chances, Saruman would also trick the eagles into providing a distraction, convincing them that not only was he still on the side of good, but to start attacking Bill's supply lines. As he would double back to secure the supply lines and punish the eagles for attacking him, Saruman and the Nazgul would spring their ambush, wounding him. But they were not as prepared as they thought to face the demon of the old world; unaware that he had Elrond's ring of power as well, he repelled the Nazgul. Saruman's sliver tongue saved his life, as he informed his furious master not only where the last of the elven rings was kept but also where the cold-worms dwelled.

Bill would then send Saruman back to his domain, ordering him to secure the border and build up his realm's infrastructure, making it clear to the wizard that any more betrayals would not be tolerated. The lands west of the misty mountains would quickly fall to his conquering hordes, the Dunedain rangers would be the only real obstacle to his dominance of the north, but they did not have a proper army and had to rely on hit and run tactics. The Shire's conquest would be a footnote as the lands of old Arnor would be reoccupied by orcs and trolls, the kingdom of Angmar reborn, in spirit if not in name.

Time would be spent building forces and ravaging the conquered lands with industry. The eagle's and the Dunedain would be the only force resisting the new king of the west, but it was a token one at best, and their resolve got weaker every day. With a mix of dark magic and wicked practices, Saruman birthed from the breeding pits of Moria and Isengard, a new race of half-orcs half-trolls. Armed and armored in mithril, the Urlog-hai served their master as devastating shock troops and cunning generals. During this time, Bill would sneak into the grey mountains, not trusting Saruman to be the one to court the cold-worms, though the wizard was more suited for the task. They were pathetic compared to the dragons of old, but they were strong and cunning, and for the wealth of Moria, many would move their lairs into Bill's lands and fallow him to war.

In this time, Mordor would win his fight with Gondor; the lucky would be slaughtered, the damned would be made slaves. Saron's vassals would fail to take Dale or the Erebor, and the elven forces pushed back the troops from Dol Guldur, queen Galadriel destroying the mighty fortress once and for all. Bill would move the bulk of his army into Isengard, expecting the vast army that destroyed Gondor would come for his only holding in the east next. And indeed, a vast force amassed on his border, warriors of Harad, Rhun, Umbar, and Mordor came to intimidate as the Mouth of Saron demanded that Bill bend the knee and return Saron's rings. The little man talked about the uselessness of this resistance, the certainty of Saron's victory, and of course, how Bill would have a place as Saron's right hand and stewardship of the realms he already held if he just returned what was not his to keep. Bill would respond by turning the little man to ash, having his own plans to deal with Saron's army.

On the eve of the battle, Bill would extend his malevolence through the One Ring into the minds of the Nazgul, attempting the master them as he mastered the ring. Turning them to his will took great concentration and willpower, but they did bend, and the greatest fear of Saron came true; another mastered the ring. The Nazgul would now lead Saron's army to certain doom, directing them into tactically disastrous formations. Cold-worms would ambush mumakil, war chariots would charge troll formations, and infantry would be marched over minefields. The greatest army the world had ever seen was crushed by the very generals sent to lead it, and now they served the new power.

Saron would be focusing everything at his disposal to crush the new Balrog king Bill, so much so that he forgot what was left of the free peoples. The armies or Dale and Erebor would make a desperate gamble, march into Mordor itself from the east, a campaign that would only be possible with the elves' help. Galadria and Thranduil, with the greatest of the Dunadan, would ride the eagle's straight to Bill's location in a desperate assassination attempt. The free peoples would proposition Saruman to use his black powder to weaken Bill and help in his assassination, in exchange, he would be allowed to claim the One Ring. When the time came, both attacks were launched simultaneously; the armies of dwarves and men laid wast to Rhun and continued to sack Mordor, freeing many slaves and clearing just as many breeding pits before making a full retreat back to the north. The elven attack did not meet with the same success, they had overestimated Saruman's greed, and it was them that were blown away with black powder bombs. For his uncharacteristic loyalty, Bill gifted Nenya to Saruman and showed him trust by letting him take half of the Nazgul with him as he marched on the north.

His army in ruins, his heartland raided, Saron was in horror as his guaranteed victory became his most crushing defeat. Rather than see continued humiliation, Saron surrendered to Bill, asking only that he be allowed to govern the lands south of Isengard in his name. After accepting this surrender, Bill had Saron take what little of his forces were left to attack Erebor while he sent his own armies to stabilize his new vessel's realm.

The north fell faster than even the west did, and the lands were split accordingly. The lands east of the misty mountains were given to Saruman, all lands south of that were allowed to stay in Saron's control, and all the lands west of the mountain was once again under the Wich Kings thrall. All were ruled from Moria's black pits; all knew and feared the name of the new dark lord and master, Bill the Balrog.

(Part 3 Personal Notes)

Sup y'all!? It's your one true king, THE GOBLIN KING! I know that a lot of this is ridiculous or does not make any damn sense what so ever. Like renaming Durin's Bane Bill, or if breeding orcs and trolls were possible, Saron and Saruman would have done it themselves, or if recruiting cold-worms were an option, they would have done that too. I hope that this did not come off as to fan-ficky as I do think that our boy Bill could have become a real threat if he was able to beat Gandalf and could have stood a chance of becoming a significant power.

But what do you guys and gals think? Feel free to tell me how much I suck and if you have any suggestions for the next entry, feel free to let me know.

Sincerely, your one true king.
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