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Drug addicts & castaways know drowning & true isolation, so I wrote this with that in mind
I struggle to stay afloat
Each day ends the same way
Bored within my own existence
Drowning in the sadness of today

I reach out...but they're gone
Afraid I will pull them below
Panicked...I call your name
But even you left long ago

Sinking below an ocean of fear
Needing an island to wash up on
Stop drowning in this regret
Find the courage and strength to call upon

Understanding is a lifejacket
Keeping me above the swell
To recognize what makes me so low
This sadness on which I dwell

The choice is simple
Swim or sink
Give up and drown
Or rethink?

Part II

My eyes open...I'm on the shore
Waves crash over me and salt stings my skin
Wreckage is strewn as far as the eye can see
Far less damage than there could have been

Friendships litter the dunes above
Washed up onshore over the years
All victims and perpetrators alike
Separated only by the number of tears

A thirst for something better
Driven by an unquenchable soul
Build a raft and sail away
Take me off this desolate shoal

Take me back to civilization
On a schooner...take me home
Sails will billow and timbers creak
On a downwind breeze, gently blown

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