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A class clown becomes an addict but it's not so funny anymore.
When I look back and see
Roads travelled and choices made
Hindsight is 20/20
But life is never perfectly played

Regrets there are aplenty
In any a man's life
Lessons were meant to teach me
Preventing me from further strife

Not being the fast learner
Thinking I was smart being the class fool
Back then consequences were so easy
And the punishments not so cruel

Along with adulthood came responsibilities
No longer that funny kid, the likeable clown
While the kids I knew stopped their laughing
And the mood of life went down

To find myself in this position
Battling demons at such an age
This is not my idea of fun
Not the limelight's or the stage

Because a demon now rides me
The monkey on my back
Has no patience for my humour
The colour of his comedy is black

If only I had seen it
Through my belly laughing eyes
Now nothing seems as funny
For the first time, I see all of my lies

The truth will always come a calling
And we all must pay our dues
Because hindsight doesn't care
If I win or if I lose

It's not funny any more
With my life in the balance
Now I see that comedy
Is not one of my talents

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