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Old school metaphysical healing
Fire and water; wood, metal, and earth
Power to cleanse, nurture, and birth
Silver and Gold, centers of wealth
Power to change, bring life, and health
Together they make the alchemical blend
Perfecting the ladder that all may ascend

Fire and metal; water, earth, and wood
Power to shape, light, and do good
Working together to create the spark
Aligning the planet to chase back the dark
Together they form the eternal braid
Binding Heaven and Earth, that peace may be made

Metal and water; earth, wood and fire
Pushing the frequency higher and higher
In harmony they form the celestial choir
Guiding the light to the top of the spire
Together they shine for all to see
the potential we have and all we can be

Earth and water; wood, fire, and metal
Perfecting the lotus, petal by petal
Walking with purpose, clearing the path
Releasing the world from darkness and wrath
Together they channel the power of love
That below should be as above

Wood and metal; earth, fire, and water
Passing the gift to son and daughter
Directing the focus that all may see
The way prepared to eternity
Together they make the immutable team
Centering the power and manifesting the dream

Fire and water; wood, metal, and earth
Power to cleanse, nurture, and birth

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