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Lakshya reveals her vision to Satya .Will lakshya convince Satya and seek her help?
4-8-2020,2:15 AM.

A vision which cloud my eyes. A vision which seize me from rest of the world. A vision which warns me. A vision which is a step ahead. sometimes I feel words are not great substitute to express what I endure . every time when I had a vision I consider what I see will not happen. Ironically, aftermath of my vision proves me I am wrong . I don't know why it is just to me. Sometimes I ask my-self 'why can't I ignore a random stuff comes in to my mind without knocking me ? ' . I tried to convince myself with a lot of tongue-twisters in medical terminology . But the bottom line is very clear : I get to know things ahead it happens . Interesting point to note is every vision I see is about something unpleasant and something foreboding that, too , when I am not sleeping. But , today I had a weird dream. Do I need to consider this? .

'girl , do you name it as a 'weird dream' ?.For god sake it is more horrible than a terrible horror-movie ', my mind shouts at me with hands on her hips in an akimbo posture .

'But it is just a nightmare' I frown at my mind .

'what if this nightmare is updated 2.0-version of your vision ? ' my inside-me raise her doubt by narrowing her eyes.

My confusion increasing my agony. Until now I didn't manage to change a single incident that I see in vision . What if this dream is also a warning analogous to my vision?. I stare blankly.

No one knows what I experience. My thoughts are revolving around my head. God knows where Abhi is . I can't hold my emotion anymore.

"Lakshya, are you aware that you are crying?" satya wipes my tears which are refused to stop "It is just a nightmare. Don't pay too much attention . I think because it is a new place you are having trouble in sleeping. Don't worry and sleep. Now the time is just 2:15. You can get plenty of sleep. Else, you are going to be my first patient at today's medical camp".

'Now the time is 2:15 AM. Girl, you have to go to the hillock which you have seen in dream before 4:20 AM at any cost. ' my mind alarms me.

I stare at Satya who is slipping into blanket. ' Don't dare to tell her about your abnormality. Definitely she will not believe. Instead she will tag you with some tongue-twisters in medical terminology' my mind warns me by noticing that I want to reveal about my abnormality to Satya.

' Tell her. She is your best friend .She will understand you. She will help you.' my inside-me is pleading as usual.

"Satya!", I peel blanket on her and ask "Do you trust me?".

'Don't. Don't tell.' when my mind started shouting , abruptly ,my inside-me gagged my mind

"of course" she said sleepily.

"can you get me now emergency-car keys?" there is a lump in my throat when I ask her because she is not going to leave me with out inquisition.

Satya's sleep vanishes when I ask her emergency-car keys. She raise herself on elbows and asks me "why you need car keys at this hours?. " Satya gives me a quizzical look.

' tell her ,you want to go for a long drive. else, tell you love to see scenery at this hours . manage with a lie ' my mind starts giving me stupid suggestions.

"Lakshya, I know you are hiding something about you. I don't want you to tell me if you are not interested to share. But, if a person is hiding too much from everyone, even from people who are close to them, then it is not a good sign. Trust me. I mean it".

Satya words hit me hard. I know now it is inevitable to hide from her. I don't care what do she think but now I must care about Abhi .At last I decided to tell her.

"I can see what happens before it happens" I close my eyes and confess.

my inside-me, my mind are curious about how Satya will react .They are not skipping a second to blink their eyes. they are intently watching.

"You see what?" amusement is palpable in Satya's eyes.

"okay!. let me tell you with proof. when we are in second year, you get locked in lab. I rushed to you before any other can. How do I know you are locked in a lab ? .The truth is you are not locked mistakenly. lab assistant deliberately locked you." I Explains her.

Literally Satya jaw is on ground. "I know that bastard had an eye on me. But, I did not know he made an attempt".

"yes! he locked you with a bad intention. Satya , now please believe me I need car. I had no time. you are the only one who can get car keys with out getting noticed by any of our stupid staff." I pleads her .

"okay!. but on one condition. I want to come along with you. This is forest area. Travelling alone is not safe and I won't let you alone" Satya tells me crossing her arms.

I know Satya is inevitable. I can't resist her. with in no time she managed to get emergency car key which is parked 20 yards apart from our camp. we managed to slip out without being noticed by anyone. Now the time is 2:30 AM. "Now to where?" satya asks me pulling key into key hole.

"outskirts" I replied to her.

I know satya had a ton of questions to ask me. but she is trying to control the urge to ask me. Finally she starts asking me. "so, you see what happen in future."

"Not every time." I replied her.

"have you faced any situation that didn't reflect what you see?" she asks me.

"No. there is no situation which doesn't reflect my vision. I didn't able to change at least on situation which I see. " I replied her.

"Now what you see in your vision." she asks me curiously.

"I see a person who is in white shirt and grey trousers lying on ground in a blood pool. I doubt he is Abhi". I told her
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