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Rated: E · Poetry · Inspirational · #2236550
Together we fight and we'll heal as one in this pandemic we're dealing of.
Everything has changed and everyone is affected
When the COVID-19 spread and makes the people afraid
Afraid that they might be infected and can lead them to death
No accurate cure but to treat it’s symptoms such as cough and colds.

A lot of people died but most of them recovered
They have to fight the virus for them to survive
And be with their love ones for the rest of their lives
To those who aren’t, may your soul be uplifted and live in peace.

We have to be brave for we don’t know who is our enemy
It would be better to be in war for we know who to fight
But with this pandemic, we can’t pinpoint nor see who’s who we gonna fight
All we could do at this moment is to be cautious enough to our environment.

The virus is quiet spreading fast than expected
In just a matter of time someone will be infected
And that would be the start the virus would be transmitted
From one person to another causing everyone to panic and be afraid.

How can we stop the spread of the virus
If we, ourselves take everything for granted?
Like it just joke and nothing to be worried of
Yet, we keep on complaining and blaming on what can the government do to end this pandemic.

Instead of putting the blame on the government
Why won’t you do something to atleast lessen the spread of corona virus?
Why following such safety protocols being implemented
Is very hard to obey like it’s a waste of time?

It’s not only you who are adjusting the current situation
Everything is new to us and we are adapting
Thinking that through this, we can end this together
Because we fighting together, we’ll heal as one.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2236550-Pandemic-Well-Heal-as-One