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This is a draft of the pitch for my first manuscript. Would you want to read this book?
Working Title: Believer

Kaelin Delaney is embarking on the most exciting time of her life; graduating high school.
But life? It hasn’t been easy. Suffering from anxiety and depression, her parents tell her not to worry so much and to just be happy. Her church family tells her to keep praying and God will take care of her. So that’s what she does.

She prays.
Tries not to worry.
Tries to be happy.
Prays some more.

Only her symptoms get worse. Before the first day of her senior year, she meets a new student, Liam Coleman; a non-believer who is hiding more than just his thoughts. Kaelin is drawn to him when she knows she shouldn’t be. She should stay away from him. He’s bad news.

But there’s something about him. The more time Kaelin spends with Liam, she discovers secrets, lies and unimaginable tragedy that cause her to question everything she grew up believing. Things that lead her to ask:

Where is God in our pain?
Is God really worth it?
Is life worth living?

Because Liam Coleman is dead.

And he knows it. But no one else does.

The last thing he remembers before “waking up” is some angel telling him the changes he needed to make if he didn’t want to be tormented for all eternity. But that was impossible because there is no such thing as Heaven or Hell.
Is there?

When he “arrives” in Duluth, Minnesota, Liam is thrown into a world he thought he’d escaped. He has to go to school. Abide by a curfew. Do homework. Have friends. He begrudgingly does all these things until his time is up. He only has eight more months.
Then he meets Kaelin Delaney, who annoys him from the very start. All her talk about Church and Jesus, her naïve views on the world and people drives Liam crazy. He does everything he can think of to push her away but she keeps showing up.

And he starts looking forward to it.
It’s almost like he cares about her.
But when you know you only have eight months left to “live”, falling in love doesn’t seem like the best idea.

Or does it?
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