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Time is a funny old thing, it's fast or slow depending & I look at the concept in wonder.
How long does time take to pass?
That depends on where you're at
If you are hanging by your toes
Or in a fast car doing a lap

How long is a piece of string?
Or how large this earth we live?
Perspectives can only be gained
Answers comparisons can only give

Time itself will never move
At the pace we wish it would
Neither faster, nor slower, though it may seem
If our situation's bad, or if it's good

From its track towards our inevitable demise
Father time is steady as she goes
Yet the young see it passing slowly
But the old see life speeding to a close

If you look up into the night sky
At the stars, it can be said
The illusion is they are all alive
Time delays the fact some are already dead
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