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Searched a lifetime for something more, in Thailand I found I was a Buddhist & always was.
Walking with Buddha

One day, I was walking with the great Buddha.

I looked at him, smiled and said, “Buddha, you are so beautiful.”

He smiled back and said, ”I am merely the fertiliser which sustains the flower...the true beauty in this world.”

"You, my son, are that flower."


The Journey of Life

Questions light the path.

Knowledge shows the way.

Answers are the destination.

But without truth...

You find you are in the wrong place.


True Love

The only true love that exists,

Is for the child...

Whose love for you cannot match.

But is followed again by true love,

When they then hold their own.


Bend or Break

Like a tree in a strong wind...

We either bend...or we break.

Being rigid is fine, as long as the breeze is gentle.

But in order to survive, we need to be flexible.

The issues we face,

Are the winds that blow through our lives.

And as we bend...we grow stronger.


Pain is God reminding you that you are still alive


Being Assertive

The line between self-belief, self-confidence, and arrogance can blur at times...
But for me, that line is clearly defined.

Living life being assertive is truly the path to happiness.
Confident enough to ask for what I want...
With enough care and love in my heart for compromise
And the courage to stand for what I need.

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