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After my divorce, I dated one girl & it was short-lived. Now four years alone is enough.
Love's rush came like a summer storm
I couldn't have stopped it if I tried
Friends forgotten in the tempest of new love
Like being carried away by the tide

Promises made soon were broken
Won over by a lover's charms
Blinded by lust which knew no bounds
Forever in each other's arms

Falling in love was so easy
Letting go without fear of what might be
Headfirst with reckless abandon
Only in hindsight, do we see

Giving my love without hesitation
A fool and his heart are soon torn apart
Then darkness came out of her light
If only I had known who she was from the start

A case of want versus need
And what we had to offer each other
Isn't that what human instinct commands?
In the search to find the perfect lover

But perfection is so very rare
And true love even less so
But there is no stopping a lonely heart
Desperate in hope rather than taking it slow

But there are some not so inclined
They live for the chase but not the prize
Heart breakers, soul stealer’s and players alike
Looking me in the eye as she told all her lies

How could I know before it's too late?
Like the moth flying into the flame
Easy pickings for someone so beautiful
And too easy to point the finger of blame

When all I want is for this pain to end
Should I wish I had never met her?
Then what about all the memories?
Of the good times, we had together

Love and broken hearts go hand in hand
Enough to drive a person insane
To give up and spend the rest of my life alone?
Or get up, dust myself off and try again

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