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I decided to share this story that was based on a quote from a contest.
         Our creator would never have made such lovely days, and have given us the deep hearts to enjoy them, above and beyond all thought, unless we were meant to be immortal.

There is no other one like Him,
Our Creator, the greatest one there is.
His thoughts are so gentle, loving, kind and fair;
Life without Him would be so dim.

Seeds are planted for us to grow,
His grace is sufficient, our needs are so great.
You'll never find a friend like Him;
He'll be there for you and He'll be there for me.

His compassion will let us know,
When we're lost and confused, He'll set us all straight.
When our face begins to glow,
We'll be encouraged; we'll discover our fate.

We won't be barred from His advice;
His counsel is best, let us listen to Him.
Our Creator walked with us;
There wasn't a problem too big to be solved.

You ask sometimes and wonder how;
Dreams can take you to places you've never been.
Up in the sky, you see the stars,
And wonder how the planets become entwined.

Discoveries are meant to be,
Creating a universe for us to live.
A space for all to come and see,
A new direction that our lives can give.

If we were to be immortal,
An impulse of magic we'd all have to bear.
Locked in a chain for all to see,
Life wouldn't be easy and wouldn't be fair.

Being an immortal has its times,
Having a bad dream isn't comfortable.
There is no beauty in their rhymes.
It's not a good thing; so let's all make them right.

Let's be clear, there's a good reason
To get rid of hate; is what we should strive for.
Living in a world without fear;
It's the kind of world we can all relate to.

The Creator, The Immortal;
Two souls, one good, one bad, the choice is all yours.
Divisions, done by Immortals;
By the Creator's help, revisions are made.

The good in life is well received;
We so desperately need the strength it brings.
The bad in life is well deceived;
It will break your heart, and it will make you cry.

Sunshine happens for a reason;
It brings joy and happiness to those around.
Sad times will happen in this world;
In many disguises, divisions will come.

A lifetime is full of treasures;
Moments are cherished by our friendship.
You will meet the love of your life;
The timing will be right, dreams will be fulfilled.

Days of evil will be all gone;
A refreshing spirit will soon be renewed.
Birds will sing their beautiful song;
Soon the immortal soul will not have their rest.

Stresses in life are bound to come;
Let's stomp on them, get them out of our lives.
Let's reunite and make amends.
By erasing the bad, the good will prevail.

Written By Anna Marie Carlson
Friday, October 30, 2020

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