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We all dream of a future life free from debt & stress. But how many of us will achieve it?
I dream of a cottage perched high on a hill
A garden growing vegetables, herbs and plenty of goodwill
Horses are in the valley where the green grass grows
And laughter echoes loud across sun-drenched meadows

Leaving behind the nine to five grind that will depress
Leaving behind the hustle and the bustle and the stress
Leaving behind the smog and nameless faces in the crowd
A place where I belong...a place where I'll be proud

The Milky Way showers the ground with omnipresent light
Billions of stars in a galaxy that fills the sky at night
A cool breeze accompanies the sunshine of another glorious day
As evening chases the sunset...a never-ending game they play

The sand under my feet is soft and white
Only one set of footprints do I see under the bright sunlight
Until a second appears beside my own, bringing a drink and a smile
Heaven here on earth on an emerald isle

A dream is our slumbering mind filing our daily thoughts away
But can also bring us hope for a brand new day
Dare to dream, and that's the first step you should take
The life you deserve...a life you can remake

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