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Just something that I personally experienced. Do show me some love.

I’m Akanksha Subba as of now 21 years old with nothing but just my laptop, my father sitting right infront of me, Bella my youngest dog barking, my little sister arranging her books while my other two male doggos are asleep and mom watching her phone.
You, whenever or whoever that is reading this right now must be thinking what is this 21 year old writing! But hey! I hope you enjoy this series of my life.

I always wondered if I am so self centered , look I am using too much of ‘I’ even now. But anyways fuck the rules of writing at the moment and let us just at-least read this till the end. So let me just get started with the cloud of emotions I go through in just about 5 minutes, often in a day.You know I was a perfectly planned little girl by my parents, but like any usual girl I felt unwanted too at times, like you know maybe it is because of a lot of false promises that is just as empty as my teeny little brain.
Growing up I went from different phases, of course physically my breasts changed too but the one thing that kept going on was my emotional disbalances, yeah! FUCK ALL I know. It was so perfect to just be little and worry only about “What mummy and Papa is going to make for tiffin tomorrow” or “Which sweets should I eat” such golden days. The other part I reached had stormed in so bad, “Why does that guy have to date her and not me” or “Wish I could be able to date him” , yeah yeah I know ,you must be thinking I’ll talk about my broken heart. NO! I’m not , I’m about to talk only about tragical or rather the funny thoughts I have had and still am while writing this.

WHY DO PEOPLE GETS TOO MUCH INTO OUR LIVES? I mean like seriously? Do you have anything to genuinely talk about or are you just wanting to know if my life is falling apart, going downhill? I am not one to keep on wanting to know if someone is actually doing fine, all I am is to let someone know that I will perhaps be there whenever they need me, and yeah I would prefer not to be taken for granted because of that. Now, there was one very popular question in my chat box for like 3 years above, that went like; ‘What are you doing these days’, ‘Are you still studying?’, Seriously? You disappear for almost years from my life and now you see me doing good and pop up with that question! Are you for real?

To the ones who have held onto me strong for all these time are the most wonderful people I have ever met. The reason jumping onto this right after the nosy people is because I feel that I am still the Akanksha that was during her early life, no way I see any shades thrown of course not all of them. The good thing that striked my mind right now while writing this is the thought of a person I thought I loved , well I have realized for quite a while I didn’t , and that I loved the man who sang to my pains and all sorts of storm in my head. Hey! DO NOT even think that I am still with him or had a fairytale ending because , I did not.

You do not expect me to write it all about it now, are you? If you loved this girl’s true writing then make sure you let me know and show some love to your girl here.

Yours, Akanksha .
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