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a short poem about your pet?

Fearless means staying on shore.
Land on the ceiling.
Not the floor.
Less about hitting the waves.
Not about riding the crest.
Not about being brave.
Not about being the best.

You just can’t fight anymore.
Rest on your own heels.
Hold the door.
Less about holding it shut.
Not about standing fast.
Not about making the cut.
Not about being the last.

Caring means giving up blood.
Maybe a drop?
Not the flood.
Less about filling the ranks.
Not about supplying all.
Not about giving us thanks.
Not about being the wall.

Cowards rule the games in play.
Intimidate you?
Not today.
Less about dying for naught.
Not about lying for air.
Not about connecting dots.
Not about crying to care.

Heroes dwell amongst the dead.
Given a fair shake?
Not what’s said.
Less about fighting the fight.
Not about spaying the cat.
Not about chasing the dog.
Not about caring about that,
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