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Not only should the postal service be open on Sunday, but also to include night shifts
Instead of winding down absentee ballot deliveries, we are seeing a surge in mail-in votes near deadline. I can't help to think that the postal service should further extend around the clock collection and delivery to ensure a completed ballot count. I can see out of my apartment window the passing of postal delivery trucks all hours of the day. And, this should increase around the clock until a deadline is drawn for absentee ballots to be processed and counted in time of deadline.

I mailed-in my absentee ballot 3 weeks ago to ensure a received ballot. This is the 6th year I have been mailing my absentee ballot in. I never had trouble in the past years and arranged for the same this year too. Although, I did mail in extra early for me this COVID election. It means that many more absentee ballots will be ever more popular this unusual year with new guidelines for voters.

As I write there is limited time left for the mail-in ballot process and deadlines within our postal mail system. And then too, casting the votes from the ballots in a timely manor before deadline there too. I only hope that the process of voting this COVID election can be completed fairly and squarely as planned.

To go as planned we might have to anticipate the around the clock postal service of gathering and delivering of ballots. And too, the heavy load of processing ballots that cast their votes once received. And, they should work with around the clock shifts also. After all, for all people's voices to be heard we should extend to 24 hours of ballot business.
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