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Rated: E · Short Story · Holiday · #2236718
a personification of a pumpkin
He blinked his eyes and sneezed at the smell of smoke coming out of his mouth. Wait, when did he get eyes, or a nose or a mouth? He gnashed his teeth and sneezed again. The last thing he remembered was sitting on a table with one of those strange creatures coming at him with a knife. Memories of dizzying pain came vaguely to him. They had cut open his stem end and scooped out his innards, seeds, pulp, the stringy remnants of his flower's reproductive channels.

Ahh, the sunny days of breezy contemplation he had passed as a flower. Then he had bulged into a bulbous fruit pregnant with the seeds of future pumpkins. God willing when they gutted him they disposed of his seeds somewhere they could grow. Reproduction was why he existed.

Smoke tickled his nose and light glowed from within, had someone placed a candle within him? That seemed like an irresponsible fire hazard. When his flesh dried out from the flame, he had no doubt he would burn. His one hope was that he would take the sadistic creature that assaulted him with him in the conflagration.

More, smaller versions of the creature were running at him in the night. They made noises beyond comprehension like terrifying squeals as they raced to attack. At least they didn't carry knives, but what more could they do with a knife. "Happy Halloween!" The creatures chanted.

The large creature, from before, held a large bowl at to the mini creatures and they greedily grabbed at the contents before retreating. He was feeling quite relieved until another wave of creatures broke upon the porch. Wave after wave, some smaller in number some larger, assaulted the porch and he sat spitting out light and inwardly cringing at the creatures approach. Then finally they stopped coming. The big creature emerged again without a bowl and approached him. The big creature lifted his cap and removed the candle which had begun to puddle in the bottom of his hollow shell.

As the creature retreated he felt the magic of the night fading around him. His awareness retracted from the world, and he fell back into the deep dreamlessness of a sleeping pumpkin.

370 words
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