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by Xeno
Rated: E · Letter/Memo · Experience · #2236743
A friend of yours, that will never fade in your memories.
A letter for my very precious, loving and amazing owner!

Thank you for feeding me with various food that I really love.
It really is a good experience being with a person that I only have.
A creature that doesn't understands my voice, but took care of me.
That is the reason I wait at the door, longing for you to see.

I am just a four-legged friend of yours who kicks you in the morning,
But sometimes, I just wanted to sleep with you while I am still living.
Our lives are different and much shorter than what you expected,
But it wouldn't be a reason to make us lonely and depressed.

This body of mine is ready for times that you need someone to cuddle,
A collar with my name engraved, and putting a leash is a string that only you can handle.
String of love, force, and security, that we both hold,
It saved me so many times from this traumatic world filled their hearts with cold.

My Life rejoices in positive memories, unforgettable fun and truth,
I can't proclaim my love, but I swear to my very soul that I'll protect you.
Even to my very last breath, I will continue to look into your eyes,
Knowing that in your heart, this negative memory will still continue to fly.

Now, I can feel that my body is starting to be crushed and will soon fade away,
A reason for you to cry so much tears and just begged me to stay.
That trembling voice, scared and just a depressingly sad tone,
Is just a music into my ears that makes me feel that I am not alone.

Please continue to walk without me and always take care,
There are so many people that makes this world so unfair.
I am not there anymore to protect you from the world,
But the presence of my love will still have my paw size in your rich heart.

By the way, I really love the way you lean your head into my body even if I am grasping for air,
It is a practice of you when the love of your life is sitting there next to your shoulder.
That is really warm and heavy at the same time,
I love it, really!


I will be here at this very position where I took a very fresh air and exhaled for the last time.

Truly Yours

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