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The Humorous Poetry Contest - Round Thirty-Four - November
The leopard took a look at the shepherd, when it spotted the lamb talking to the clam. The cow
saw the sow straining its neck to see the giraffe. The puppy was a good friend to the Buppy, who
lived all alone on the hill. The calf had a good laugh at itself when it discovered the mole in the
hole; the mouse stayed in the house.

The kitten played with the mitten, while the cat put on a hat. The rabbits had their habits to
contend with, but it was funny to see Bugs Bunny steal the show. The goat stood on the moat, as
it watched the colt dote about the rote of days gone by. The pig got in the rig, then it danced a
nice little jig.

The dog saw the frog sitting on a log, watching the fish swim. The dolphin began to soften, when it
saw the whale talking to the shark in a polite way. The lizard talked to the blizzard to calm down
and give us some peace. It was a release for the geese to find the ducks driving their trucks. The
skunk was a punk in a funk.

The goose rode in the caboose with the moose, when the flamingo wrote a jingle about the bat
who knew a little about this and that. It was the heron in the water that talked only about the
daughter. The leek began to get meek, when it discovered that the eagle listened to what the
beagle, in all its wisdom spoke.

Written By Anna Marie Carlson
Sunday, November 1, 2020
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