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Honoring our Veterans November 2020 entry
My dad was in Vietnam. Not just the country, the war. He was a dog handler. He was responsible for spotting VC traps and snipers. He was obviously good at it he came back alive. What he lost in the war was his hearing. He was forced to bed down under the mortars. Night and day they fired. After a while, he was able to sleep through it, partially because he couldn't hear them as well.

He came home hard of hearing, the longer it's been the harder it is. At this point, even with VA hearing aids, he is nearly deaf. I haven't heard his voice in over a year because he can't hear me on the phone. I thank god every day for the advent of Emails, or he may as well have died for all I could communicate with him. I lost my mom seven years ago. I am glad emails mean I am not an orphan!
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