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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Emotional · #2236820
For some, 2020 was not the worst year...
Winter winds howl as the old engine growls
Black skies abound, darkness surrounds
Elevators rise as the nurses try
Family arrangements and funeral affairs
Whether she lives or dies, they cannot say
The soft glow of a cab light is the only comfort tonight

"The dawn will come," they say
The dawn never came.

Screaming matches and broken houses
Another moment and another move
Boxes stack like the promises of a better life
Yawning roads and phantom homes
To be damned is to drive this road

"The dawn will come," they say
The dawn never came.

Icy winds blow as demons show
Painful images numb the brain
Whether I live or die, I do not care
I go as the music goes
To dance with my demons is not my choice.

"The dawn will come," they say.
The dawn never came.

A warm office provides promise
Cheery faces hide dead eyes
A new life offered, only a few signatures required
I go now, eager to start anew
Abandoned animals and abandoned lives left behind

"The dawn has come," they said

As the plane soars I snore
I awake to darkness
Winter ice and demon cries fill another night.
The dawn never came, and there is no one to blame
I trade one night for the next
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