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The Big Bad Wolf vs Three Little Pigs vs Goldilocks vs Cindarella in metaphorical verse.
Love and I have seen our share of life's little ups and downs
When I was young, it was a lot easier than it is now
It's not because of my failing mind, or my slowly ageing body
And more about past lovers leaving me oh so sore and sorry

They say when you fall off your bike, to get right back on again
I say, only after enough time has passed to allow yourself to mend
A broken heart takes a very long time before it might be fixed
And each time that it happens...going from straw to sticks to bricks

A sturdy house should withstand the worst of emotional storms
If it's made from solid materials, and its foundation is very strong
So now, the walls around my heart are almost impossible to pass
I would prefer it to be that way, instead of being made of glass

Because glass is transparent, it won't hide away my pain
I guess that might be something good...and could be for my own gain
But it's brittle and it's cold and so delicate, it easily shatters
And a broken heart needs more than that, to protect it from emotional matters

The time has come to change my ways...put an end to dragging my feet
Because that won't really cut it, if there's a girl I happen to meet
If she's warm and if she's soft and doesn't ever huff and puff
And understands me and the things I do, then that will be enough

I laugh as my impenetrable walls, all come tumbling down
My reflection shows a smiling face....seems I've lost that eternal frown
No big eyes or sharp teeth...not a girl who wears wolf's clothes
A fairy tale with a happy end...and make good all of our tomorrows

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