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Left, right, left, right. "I thought this was Girl Guides, not SAS." June complained.

"Quiet in the ranks." Miss Petunia Throttlewart, known to the girls as Sergeant Major, was a fifty year old matron.

"I bet she's still a virgin." The other girls giggled at June's suggestion. As they marched up, over the desolate hill, Rokesby Hall came into view. It was a large Elizabethan mansion, converted to a girls' school in the 1920s.

"Creepsville!" The girls came to a halt when they saw their home for the night. All in their late teens, they were more used to The Hilton than some ancient pile in the middle of nowhere.

"Come along girls, they're waiting supper for us." Petunia marched on with the girls straggling along behind.

The heavy oak door creaked open at Miss Throttlewart's loud knocking with her sheep's head walking stick.

"Your supper's on the table. The staff won't be here over night. We like to get out of here before dark. See you in the morning." As the girls came in, the staff went out.

Supper was cold meat and salad followed by cake. It was getting dark very fast and the dining room was lit by candles. "Is there no electricity?" Margrette was worried.

"Stop fussing girl, there's nothing wrong with candlelight. This is the country." Petunia was unperturbed. "Now, if you've finished eating, it's time for bed."

"At nine o'clock?"

"You need your beauty sleep, and we're leaving again at seven." The staff had left a note telling them which rooms they were to use. "This is your dormitory. I am in the room next door. Now, get ready for bed. Lights out in fifteen minutes."

The room was wood paneled and had six beds, one for each girl. The dark wood made the place even darker. "I've got a torch if we need it." Shara pulled it from her bag and placed it under her pillow.

"Lights out girls." They each blew out their candle.

"It's really dark; I don't like it."

"Shut up, June, you baby, and go to sleep."

Sounds of snoring were interrupted when Vicky screamed out. "There's a boy in here."

Shara pulled out her torch and shone it towards Vicky's bed and then panned it around the room. "There's no boy in here."

"Then who's touching me? Ooooh!"

"Oh ...oh ... oooooh!" June moaned as someone touched her intimately.

"Oh, God, yes!" Shara was getting the treatment.

Margrette cried out, then Mina groaned and finally Georgie joined in.

When all six girls had been satisfied by their spirit lovers they lay back exhausted. Sounds of groaning came from the room next door. "You don't think ..."


"They did."

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