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I challenge I am involved with in order to create a YouTune channel for my business.
My goal with YouTube is to attract people to my Facebook group-yet to be created-and my coaching program Your Positive Life, Your Positive Business. I envision creating a group of people who are excited about creating a positive world in which everyone is respected and valued for their personal qualities and attributes. My group will want to create businesses and lives in which everyone they work with and encounter feels secure and valued. During the COVID-19 pandemic we have all been going through fear of each other and what being together might mean. My new program will be completely online and safe for everyone. I want to teach methods of creating positivity and closeness which can still be relative while we are staying but can be adjusted when we have moved beyond the pandemic. My Channel is for those people-men and women-who feel that they need a positive outlook and want to relate to others in a more positive and giving way. My Channel will give everyone solid tips and strategies for relating to others and letting people into their lives in a positive, giving way. My Channel will be different because it will be discussing the positive aspects of life while referring to our problems in terms of how to solve them. There will no negative thoughts here.

Naming Your Challenge

Your Name
-more diverse
Your Business Name
-It's about your business
-More People can present
-Can't sell channel without business

Do I want to be obly person presenting
Niche or gen content
Custom URL
What do I want to be known for?
Will I be selling channel or business?

Right now I see me being the only person shown in my channel, but this might change in the future. I think that niche content would be better for my channel. I would like to stay on point with creating a positive life and business. I was thinking that "Positive People" could be on my custom URL. Again, I don't see myself selling the channel at the present time, but that could change. I want to be know for helping others create positive lives and businesses by being aware of others and their needs. I good name for my Channel would be "The Art Of Being Aware". My tagline will be "Being Aware Of Others Is Improving Your Life".

Target audience and what they are researching in videos.
Do videos that clients want.
Questions from clients
What do people say I'm good at. I h
What are things people ask over and over again
What are the things you wished your clients knew before they began working with you.

What are the topics you would like to see.
5 wayts to
The best ways to
The easy ways

I am just starting Your Positive Life, so, right now, I have no clients. The questions I think my clients would ask include:

1)How to I discreetly find out about the personal problems and concerns of someone I know?
2)Now that I have decided to live in a more positive way, how to I explain my lifestyle to my family and friends?
3)How do I overcome the insecurities I have about myself and my own life?
4)How do I act more open to others without coming off as weird?

People tell me I am good at getting my point across and being a clear speaker.

I have heard many people ask over and over again about the state of the world around them and why their are so many people just harming each other. The do seem to be wondering about how to change this.

Before they come to me, I believe my clients should know that they want to change their lives and the world around them. They should be certain about making a change.

10 Topics I would like to record are:

-Where your long held attitudes come from
-Deciding whether or not your beliefs and attitudes are limiting
-Be proud of your attitudes
-Trumpeting your attitudes
-Being sensitive but being strong
-Being non-apologetic
-Letting your attitudes reflect in everything you do.
-Who surrounds you.
-Either decisive or preachy.
-Still listen.Recognizing the worth of everyone.

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