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by Tsuki
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Romance/Love · #2236930
A draft of a prologue of this story idea I have...
The prologue

Far away from Earth or even the Milky Way, in another part of the universe, there was a planet called Mysenta. In the planet of Mysenta, there used to be a sovereign ruler who ruled over all its inhabitants. Wise, fair and loved by his or her people, the ruler would be guided by a counsel of loyal and trusted advisers. Such was the way Mysenta was governed for centuries, until Queen Christina took the throne.

The new queen was inexperienced in matters of ruling, preferring to leave most matters concerning governance to her most trusted and competent adviser, her older sister Julietta. Hence, her sister was declared her regent. However, Julietta had her own agenda and ulterior motives for agreeing to help her queen. She was not content with simply being regent, she wanted to be queen. Green with envy that her little sister, who she considered an incompetent and impudent eyesore, was chosen as supreme ruler instead of her, she hatched a plan for a coup.

Charismatic and cunning, intelligent and beautiful, after many years of careful plotting behind the scenes, Julietta's plan worked. She gathered enough powerful supporters for her political agenda and launched a bloody coup that not only resulted in many people, including her younger sister, meeting a terrible and painful end, but cost the entire planet to be split into two factions, two continents, The Northern Isles and Rosenau.

The Northern Isles, small in size they may be, refused to yield to the new Queen Julietta. They were enraged by her cruelty that led to the countless lives that were lost in her grab for the throne. The well-known rumours that she laughed in her little sister's face when she begged for her life before brutally murdering her did nothing to quell their rage.

Deciding The Northern Isles was not worth her time, Queen Julietta focused on ruling Rosenau with an iron fist. The Northern Isles elected their own ruler and the two continents remained hostile to each other.

However, such hostility would lead to open war eventually. As years passed, frequent violent fighting would break out on the border of the two nations and eventually war was imminent...

That was when the The Northern Isles and Rosenau decided to give peace one last chance. They both agreed to hold a summit where a representative from both nations, with a handful of elite guards each, would meet up at the border on an island called Hellas. This is where the story begins...

Author's note: Hi everyone! Finally decided to publish something... It is still in its early stages and will probably be edited... If you stumble upon this and end up reading it, feedback on your thoughts for this little idea of mine is really appreciated!:)

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