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a writing about common sense observation

At this stage of my life I stepped back and took a look at my life and some things that I have

experienced, places I have been. In general I wasn't to dissatisfied with most of my decision, but on

some key points in my life I wondered how things would have turned out if I didn't stop doing a certain

thing or if I wasn't hindered by situations or fear of failure. All in all life has been good to me but there

have been times, in fact quite a few where I wasn't sure if I would make it. These times in history

where it was dark sometimes, lonely sometime and unsure if I would even survive a few times. But I am sure

you have heard the saying, “ what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger,”. This may be true

most of the time for many individuals but from my experiences times of stress or even trauma can leave

a person psychic damaged.

People purge and beat their bodies into shape to perform better or to make themselves look

better and to make their health improve. But what do you do when you lose your mother or you suffer a

catastrophic illness. How about the loss of a child from sudden infant death syndrome. Can you

imagine the mental anguish a person can feel. The dismay one can feel, then trying to reason

the why, how can this happen. Then trying to reason with if by blaming yourself, thinking it is your

fault if only I had listened more or taken better care of myself. Some focus their emotion on God,

saying things like how can all seeing all knowing God let this happen? If he loves me so much why

did he let this come to be. Finally anger comes. This isn't fair I am a good person, I don't do half the

things so and so doe's, I don't drink or take drugs and look at them, they are living the high life, not a

care in the world.

I know I was painting a very bleak picture, but life isn't all peaches and cream and many find

life stressful so I am just trying to share the things I have observed to help others deal with the

inevitable problems they will encounter. First I have observed that there are three motivating

characteristics categories that almost everything life can fall under. Money, love, and faith. I found

you can't play the game of life if you don't know the ground rule, and even then it is hard.

These writings are about the things in life we are programmed to know and to propagate. The things

we judge and are judged by. About the things we should know but for whatever reason chose to not

to do. these writing are about paradigms, mindsets and choices people make and the thought process

that may ensue from it. Close observations and recognizing pattern is very helpful in the process of

building the models you may create for yourself to use. These writing are about the “Empirical

evidence”. More on that later.

From the moment we are born the programing of our characteristics begins. The baby cries

because he is hungry and the mother (or father these days), feeds the baby. The child cries because

it needs to be changed and the parent or guardian cleans and changes it. Then as the child begins

to grow and mature it is taught the social skills to be accepted in it's community hierarchy, and the

family structure and what part each mate plays in the management of the family. If the youngster is

female normally the mother will perform the nurturing and teach the youngster the things that

the female will attend to like teaching them to be discerning, perceptive and observant and to be polite.

If the youngster is a male normally the father will teach the youngster skills for hunting

such as studying the prey, paying attention to the direction the wind is blowing, scout the territory ,

be in good shape and know your gear but most of all practice, practice, practice.

These are just some of the basic rules that are programed into each and everyone of us that

are born into this world. But the foremost and number one rule of nature is to survive. This one

constant run's thru the core of every living conscience, reactive, feeling living thing. The need to

survive. Most creatures will do whatever is needed for its own survival even if it has to kill another

life form. Sometimes if the group is in danger there may be one from the group or family that is

willing to sacrifice him or herself for the good of the whole. This selflessness has been noted many

times in history mankind and different religious and theology. It is well stated in the Bible.

John 3;16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that Whosoever believe in

him should not perish but have everlasting life. This example is given to show the ultimate sacrifice of

selflessness that men posses over animals.

We as a species survive in one sense by learning from our mistake from the past. But we

also tend to ignore those mistakes which leads to many problems. However we do keep on in a search

for a better way of life. Every living thing faces a constant struggle for its existence from nature and

predators. Some individuals survive and reproduce, others don't fare as well and are killed by disease.

The law of evolution uses the principle mechanism of “Natural Selection”. A key factor of natural

selection is the environment. If the environment is willing the individual will live in that environment

and will reproduce and flourish. If the environment which individuals are living presents challenges but

people have the wherewithal to survive they will settle but if not will more likely move on, and

usually the weaker ones will not survive the test of natural selection.

When those that survive reproduce they pass on traits and characteristics to the next

generation that will be vital for the success of survival for the next generation and so on and so on. Charles

Darwin is credited for fully expounding on this principle and is now believed to be the main process

that brings about evolution.

Let us take a look at one definition of “human programming” might mean. Mark Global, from

the University of California Berkeley write, “Human Programming is an imaginative and incisive

account of how U.S. Culture across decades, mediums, and institutions has given form to dystopian

fears of mind control as a way of buttressing a sense of self that even more in its pretense to autonomy.

From the cold war politics to post human technologies. This is his response Slisker conceptions

Freedom and humanity have changed in tandem with developments in sciences and technologies. He

argues that literary, cinematic, and scientific representations of the programmed mind have long

shaped conversations in political cultures and about freedom and UN freedom, and about democracies

and it's enemies. Much of his writing are about the cold war area but in more recent time this idea of

programming has moved from the war rooms to the market place and in the media.

With the growth of information area we now have not only government's but corporation

gather every bite of information they can gather about you and your habits to offer you a more

tailored product designed for your taste as an individual or part of a group. We now have “computer”

algorithms”, that watch everything from how we spend money to when go to the doctors to what

type of car we drive, all in an effort to understand you thoughts so they can Tailor make a response

for the individual, thereby limiting you areas of choice and controlling the eventual outcome. We

have come quit a way from the days of the cold war.

Behavior is a action or series of actions performed by an animal in response to some type

of stimulus. It is crucial to survival because it is often the first response to some type of change

in the environment or habit.

Studies show that heredity and learning play a significant role in development and is often

the main interacting force to shape the behavior of people. The development of behaviors through

experience is called learning, and learned behaviors are modifiable by life experiences. This is why

even though a person may be taught a certain lesson in life it is best to test what you have learned from

other people because there may be a different outcome for another individual.

When we are imprinted or taught a lesson or task it is often done in a short period of time,

normally at the beginning of something. Like a teacher to a student or mother to a child at birth or

rearing the child. These lessons will provide a baseline for building on to learn and adapt to new things.

The behavior is a main contributor to survival and reproduction and behaviors evolve through the

process of natural selection. Natural selection favors behaviors that are beneficial to individuals and

Learning is the alteration of behaviors by experiences. Our genetic make up and learning interact to

shape our behaviors.

There are different kinds of behaviors that take place that may affect people. here are just a few

of the more obvious observations.

Parental care; this ensures that the young survive and have a chance to grow and develop.

Courtship behavior; this ensures the ability to attract a mate which will lead to procreation and the survival of the species.

3. Defensive Behavior; This type of behavior is most prominent when one has to protect property
or loved ones from danger.

4.Forging Behavior; These actions are noted for locating camping area or hunting for food to consume for sustenance.

5. Migratory Behavior; The ability to move to a more suitable environment for living and reproduction.

Territorial Behavior; the ability to protect a resource for exclusive use.

Animals and humans use signals to influence the behavior of other, to be effective and efficient a

signal must be able to travel through the environment from a sender to receiver and be recognized

by the receiver or it won't have any effect on the behavior of the receiver.

Some might wonder what is human nature? What makes us different from animals? Can I change

the way I act in certain situations? Some never think like this they often are just content for what life

dishes to them. But for those who want more and to find ways to better and change themselves we

need to first understand what it is.

Human nature can be described as a bundle of characteristics that include but are not limited to

the way a person thinks, their feelings and actions that humans take naturally. Some say that

understanding human nature is the act of capturing the essence of humanity but this has been argued

many times over the years by much philosophical debate.

But one thing is for sure: cultural development or the lack of definitely affects human nature.

As stated earlier much of the foundation that our human nature is built on is first conditioned into

into our minds and babies, children and adolescents. Themes like. Take out the trash or clean your room.

Don't talk to strangers or get in strange peoples cars. The list goes on but you understand my point. With

these ideals imprinted on our subconscious as we grow and develop and and to them which in turn builds

our values and belief systems which builds our characteristics.

When trying to determine what divides us from other animal and places humans at the top of the

food chain. This is a very contentious idea
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