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A nice car? A good job? Beauty or fame? Or a planet which can sustain us into the future?
It's not what we acquire that's important
But how much importance we place on those things
When nothing lasts forever
Only to be faced with what reality brings

Vapid pursuits should not prevail
Over spiritual or personal convictions
Don't believe what the TV is selling
You don't need its distorted depictions

Food, clothing and shelter
All we need...I learned as a child
But, big business has other ideas
It's our money they want to see piled

How can we ever find happiness?
Unless it's bought from a store
Then bring it home to enjoy
Until time and reality make it a bore

Is it the sweetness of the fruit?
Or its presentation to the highest degree?
With everything all bound in plastic
Then to landfill or into the sea

We waste so many resources
Pure water flushed right down the drain
So few having such an impact
The western world has a lot to explain

We take everything for granted
This lifestyle cannot be sustained
Without change, it's a foregone conclusion
With so much to lose, yet so much to be gained

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