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A rhyming and rhythmic composition with only a, i, o, u, and occasionally y


Drop a common symbol wholly?
Would an author stoop so lowly,
opt for writing words so drolly?

Why would any soul commission
to commit such raw omission
from a rhythmic composition?

Crafting stanzas or a ballad,
such idiom may sound pallid,
lacking in allusions valid.

It’s a puzzling conundrum
fit for nitwits or a dum-dum,
who could work on dross so humdrum?

I just can’t do it, I won’t play.
I’ll put my quill and ink away,
just tip my hat and say good day.

Merit Badge in Quill Honorable Mention
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Congratulations on being named Honorable Mention for Best Comedy, Satire, and Nonsense for  [Link To Item #2236961]  at the 2020 Quill Awards.  *^*Delight*^*  For more information, see  [Link To Item #quills] .

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