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by brom21
Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #2236963
A teenager seeks something supernatural that he longs for deeply.
John looked out the window as the rain fell in large drops on the grassy land scape. The soft plush sounds that were made relaxed his body and cleared his mind of anything negative. He sighed as he listened.

He had lived in the kingdom of Ethereal since birth. At age sixteen John was at a point in life where he began wondering about things. The biggest thought that filled his mind was religion and life after death and the reality of a God.

“Mother, do you believe in a God? I mean not just because we have been raised to believe in one.”

John’s mother Ithia froze then looked up in thought. She turned to her son and put her fist to her chin and paused. “I suppose there could be.” Ithia threw her hands up and tossed her head. “Honestly, there is no way to really know son. I had the same thoughts when I was your age despite how we were taught to believe.”

John frowned and pursed his lips. “There must be a way to know for certain. Someday I’ll find out.”

Outside, the rain was letting up and the sun broke through the rain clouds.

John went to a rod iron hanger and took off his coat and wore it. “I’m going to go to the market. We need bread and apples.”

“Get some firewood for the hearth. We are running low.”

John nodded and walked out the wooden door for the market.

The dwindling drops of rain fell as John inhaled the moist, earthy scent that mixed with the smell of tree bark. He walked up the cobblestone path to the item kiosks as he passed by some guards.

John went to one of three venders selling bread and apples.

“Thanks John,” said the vender as he traded the items for three silver coins from John.”

John walked to a man next to a large pile of lumber.

John frowned and folded his arms. “Where is Ronin?”

The man looked down and rubbed the back of his neck. “He…disappeared two days ago.”

“I wonder why,” said John.

“The last thing I heard from him was that he got a vision of an angel,” the man said with a chuckle and a roll of his eyes.

John reeled back. “What will happen to his house?”

“I suppose it is available for anyone.” The vender poise himself and folded his hands. “How much lumber do you want?”

“One medium bundle.”

After the transaction, John went to Ronin’s house to investigate. I was the size of his own house but with only a rocking chair, a large chest, a small kitchen and a bookcase.

On the top shelf, a single small book lay. John neared it and journal was written on it.

John flipped to the last entry, dated three days ago. It was only a few sentences long:

After years of wondering, I know. An angel of God came to me in my sleep last night. He gave me a map to a spiritual city called Theremore. It lay in the Emerald Forest. All who have faith may live in the city. To whoever reads this, pray in faith to God and the way will be revealed.

John’s heart throbbed with anticipation. He breathed heavily with a broad smile. He wanted to tell is mother. His smile faded and his lips quivered. She would not believe. But John did. There was no explanation, he just knew it was true.

John put the journal back and ran out of the house and picked up his goods than ran to his home. He was about to burst through the door but realized he had to contain his joy. He took a deep breath and ran his palm down his face then entered.

“Hello mother.”

“Dinner is ready. Set the bread on the table.”

The evening meal went by quick with Ithia doing most of the talking. John ate quickly and played with his hands, anxious to go to his room and pray by himself.

“Great meal mother. I am tired. I think I will go to bed early.”

“Alright son. Sleep well.”

John sprinted to his room and shut his door. He kneeled on the floor with his elbows on his bed. “Oh God, I seek the city of Theremore where only those of faith may go. I pray in faith in hope of being accepted. Receive my petition and allow me entrance. Amen.”

John lay on his bed with a smile and closed his eyes. That night, he had a dream.

A shining man with stork’s wings appeared to John. “Greetings, child of faith. God has heard your prayer.”

John was so excited he was trembling and had tears of joy. Then he thought of leaving his mother and his elation fell then he looked down. “What of my mother? Is there a way she could come?”

“No. You must choose.”

John knew Ithia would want him to be happy. And this was no small privilege. Perhaps he was being selfish. But to be with the true God would be worth it. “I choose Theremore.”

The angel gave John a map and he woke up, holding it in his hands. He dressed warmly in the dark early morning. First, he would write a note. He cried but his mind was made up. His note simply told of his vision and that God was real and that he loved her.

John ran out of the house and made for the Emerald Forest on the outskirts of the kingdom. He paused before entering. John was happy for the dream he had that night. It was the beginning of something wonderful. It was the night that revealed everything.

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