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Daily Flash Fiction 11-4-20 W/C 300
Mark and Jenny took a walk one day. They heard about some petroglyphs near a cave down on the old Walker farm. George found them while out cutting hay one day.

It’s down the old rutted lane. You have to walk a ways, then get over that fence at the spot where the wire has been coming down. George has been meaning to mend that spot.

“I think this is where he said to cross.” Mark laid his coat over the barbed wire, then held Jenny’s hand so she could climb over. Then he followed. They wandered over the field a few more yards toward a big outcropping of sandstone.

Once in front of the big stones, they stood and gazed in amazement at the primitive drawings scattered over the sand rock face. There were stylized four-legged animals, humans with spears, spirals, snakes, and other painted decorations on the sandstone.

Mark took out a pen, tried to scrape a bare piece of stone. The pen soon broke.

“How in the world did someone do all this?” He traced the carvings with his fingers.

Jenny had her camera out. She'd taken dozens of shots.

“It is amazing that no one beside George and us has ever seen these.”

“I think that is on purpose. He doesn’t want anyone else to know about these.”

Jenny took some closeup shots. “Surely a university, a museum, someone would want to know.”

“We have to respect his wishes. Time to go. Let’s just remember the beauty with your pictures.”

Jenny packed up her camera and they returned home.

The framed photo of the petroglyphs is on their living room wall. When asked where that picture was taken, they always tell folks it was a gift. They don’t know where those images are located.

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