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by Sumojo
Rated: E · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2236993
Coffee becomes non existent.
Word count 500

         ”Did you hear the news, Frank? There’s going to be no more coffee owing to a blight of some sort,” Marion told her husband.


         “Yes, the crops have shrivelled on the bushes and even stored coffee in any form has turned into black sludge.”

         Frank rushed into the kitchen and checked. “Oh, no, it’s true. Look at the state of these beans!”

         “I’d better ring Mum, she’ll be confused. She won’t understand what’s happening.” Frank said. “How can I explain something like this to a ninety-year-old?”

         “I forgot how your mother loves her coffee. I hope this doesn’t have a detrimental effect on her health, after all, she’s been drinking ten cups a day for most of her life.” Marion paused, “she won’t remember anyway when you tell her the news. Her dementia’s getting worse.”

         “I know, love, we’ll get her into care soon, before she gets much worse. I’ll see her this afternoon and take her some tea bags.”


         Frank let himself into Mable Smith’s apartment, “It’s only me, Mum.”

         His mother was sitting in her favourite armchair by the window, staring vacantly at the neighbourhood kids playing on the park across the road.

         “Did you bring my coffee?”

         “I told you last night, Mum, there’s no more coffee. I’ve brought some tea. You’ll soon get used to drinking it instead.”

         Mable sighed, “What’s the world coming to? First, I had to hide from a virus, now you’re saying there’s no coffee. I’ll be glad to die, life’s not worth living.”

         “Don’t talk like that. You’ve got years left in you.”


         “I had a call today from Mum’s doctor.”

         “Oh dear, what’s wrong with her now?” Marion frowned.

         “Well, that’s the thing. He said there’d been a distinct improvement in her memory. He wanted to know what she’d been taking.”

         “I think it’s because she’s drinking green tea instead of all that coffee. You know, they do say it’s full of anti-oxidants.”


         “You look different, Mum, what have you been doing to yourself?” Frank hugged his mother.

         “I’ve had my hair done, do you like it?” Mable touched her new hairdo.

         “Who took you into town?”

         “No one, I went on the bus,” Mable said, as if she hadn’t been able to catch a bus for several years, owing to her growing fragility and diminishing memory.

         Frank and Marion exchanged glances. They were both puzzled as to the apparent new lease on life Mable was experiencing.

         “Your doctor said you passed a memory test with flying colours, Mum.”

         “Silly old fool. I told him there’s nothing wrong with my memory.

         “Okay, then Mable, how are you managing without your coffee?” Marion asked.

         “Oh, I’ve still been having coffee. What are you talking about?”

          “No, there is no coffee anymore till they find a vaccine for the blight. Remember, I told you.”

          “I know, and I told you I had some in a pot I’d been saving.” Mable showed her the urn.

         “Oh my God, she’s been drinking Grandad! “
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