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The election cycles.
One Year Ago

In a nation far, far, away, and yet so very close,
millions of people embarked on a journey that,
when the trip ends,
it will change the lives of not only those who took the journey
but of those—every citizen who lives in that nation.
For good or bad.
History called this journey
an election cycle.
Political in nature,
this cycle of life
ends when the people choose whether the king sits on the throne
for the remainder of a four-year term
the helm is manned by another Admiral for next two years.
The landscape changes, according to the cycle, every four years;
known as a term.

“We, the people,”
In this nation oh, so far away,
And yet so very close,
Chose to try and turn the ship
In the middle of the stream;
hold the results whether
Good or bad,
to be self-evident,
that yesterday,
They had a mind;
And were not simply sheep
Being led to the slaughter
Or perhaps
Sycophants kissing the feet
of the man
who is to be king
for the next two years.
No one knows
Who will be the Admiral at the helm
for the foreseeable

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