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Self-appraisal was honest & tough. Time for what's good after the trash is out the door.
My past has come back to haunt me
No reward in the trust I gave
Expectation leads to disappointment
Not the joy I hoped it would pave

Consequences don't change...now I'm sorry
Naivety and trusting nature caused me dismay
Best intentions fall short in the long run
Trust's misgivings are here to stay

So, my brain has taken over the duties
Because my heart was giving it away
Protecting me without rhyme or reason
The cost is loneliness...a high price to pay

When someone only sees me
Am I worth all the baggage I bring
Challenges become a painful reminder
Close the door before any bad guys get in

Fear is my motivation
Loss causes distress
Regret for my poor choices
Sorrow brings nothing but pain
And anger at myself for being such a fool...
This twisted life I have made
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