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could not fit 'description' here; i have asterisked the title, necessary addenda below

Dagger of light: prophetic vision fails *

there is no shadow on the dark road
there is no sound beneath the bird's wing
out across the canyon bottom, breath is held:
spiral light settles
there is no story on the quiet stones
there is no whisper along the hollow tomb
on the high butte, time paces:
yesterday's wind whistles
there is no calm moment in the round hall
there is no laughter at the chief's ear
in the high-walled room, judgement hangs:
changing thought battles
there is no time caught and held
there is no hint of worlds swooning
there is no sight of that to come, upon them, prophetic vision fails:
seeds fall amidst thistles
there is no shadow on the dark road
all is swept away, as the dawn climbs the butte.
* there is a place in the American southwest (New Mex ?), i believe it has fallen into the Hopi people's land, The Hopi are quick to tell you that the pueblos built-into the mountain, along with the 'round chambers' are not "of Them", & that they were here a thousand years before their time.
on this site, is to be found (adjacent to a massive, looming Mesa) three slabs of rock, each weighing over 12 tons, stood-up on end, to a casual eye they don't appear to have been placed there and yet, upon close perusal, there is no way they could have fallen in this exact way; on the winter solstice, the Sun, just as it rises above the horizon, shoots a beam of light, between the large flat, on edge, slabs, firing an actual well-depicted, bright dagger image on the flat stone stood perfectly behind the 3 slabs, and bearing a simple 'coil' or spiral pattern, and on That day, the image of a dagger of Light Perfectly cleaves the center of the spiral
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