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timeless love continues in ancient India

Chapter 12 ancient Indian
After Zoran and Zarina were killed their soul mates looked for each other but were lost in the limbo lands for hundreds of years and never met until one day about 500 years later they found themselves again in the world between worlds wandering towards their next fate. They saw a sign welcome pilgrim to India where an adventure awaits you and they jumped through the portal finding themselves in ancient Maura Empire in ancient India. Sam was now a merchant, Arjun who dealt with the royal family and supplied goods and food to the royals, and other high caste families, but Arjun was not of royal blood, he was Vaishyas, a middle caste due to his family’s occupation as merchants. Despite his caste background, the royal family took a liking to him and Arjun was often invited to royal functions. Arjun had not married yet and was in his early twenties. He ran the shop for his father who was old and ailing. Arjun knew he would have the business someday. His mother was constantly trying to match him up with various women, but he was not interested in getting married yet. He had told her that, but she kept responding that it was time he settled down and produced grandchildren so that he would have children to carry on the family business. His father concurred saying
“son it is time you had children of your own and we have grandchildren. Your mother has found several suitable candidates. Can’t you at least meet them?”
Finally, he agreed to meet the candidates. He met three woman, daughters of other merchant families but nothing clicked. He told his parents that
“Mom, Dad, I met the three women per your request. They all seem nice enough, but nothing clicked between us. There was zero chemistry. Nothing at all. I just cannot see myself marrying them and having sex with them. Perhaps you can find some other candidates? perhaps from the neighboring kingdom?”
. They told him,
“Son don’t be ridiculous. No one marries for love. Over time you will grow to love your wife, if not you will find love with a mistress or second wife. Everybody does that. Your mother and I did not love each other at first but over time we fell in love and as you know our love is strong now. Perhaps the true love thing will happen to you. All you must do is just tell us which one of the three woman you like the best, or if you really do not fancy any of them, we can find a few more candidates. But you must choose someone and choose them soon. According to the fortune teller at the temple, you must marry within the year or a great tragedy will befall the entire family”
“. Okay, find me seven more candidates, and then I will sleep with the top five picks and decide then.”
His father laughed,
“Son I like the way you think. Not sure if the women will agree to this test but we can make it a condition with the understanding that you would choose one of the five after you sleep with them. and perhaps the others could become your mistresses if you need a mistress. Mom, do you agree?”
“If that is the only way we can get our son married, yes. I will speak to the ten candidates. I am sure that they will agree to the audition.”
One day he was at the Royal palace in Patna making a delivery and checking up on food preparations for the King's birthday, when he first met Anaya the beloved daughter of King Chandragupta Maurya, who was widely seen as the most beautiful woman in all of the known worlds. She was so beautiful that Arjun was struck speechless.
She was tall, with black hair that reached down to her ample backside, and big, lovely breasts, and a fire in her black diamond eyes. She radiated heat and passion and intense sexual energy. there were rumors that she had a few Male lovers and a woman lover as well. All sons of various princes. But the king had announced that she was going to marry the Prince a neighboring kingdom.
Arjun wanted her it was lust at first sight, but he knew that it would be a forbidden love affair that could result in them being executed. The head priest of the Shiva Temple had recently begun a campaign cleaning out the rampant sexual immorality he claimed was overwhelming the Kingdom. He stressed repeatedly that everyone in the kingdom must respect the traditional god given caste system, and that the rules apply to all including the King’s family. Sexual relations between higher and lower caste individuals would no longer be tolerated, anyone who crosses that line does so with the risk of being executed for their crime of offending the traditional order.
Anaya shocked him by coming up to him and they started talking. She was the King's youngest daughter and had a reputation for being standoffish. She had turned down numerous proposals for marriage and the King was getting concerned, as he wanted to marry off his last child before he died.
And the king had another kingdom in mine for his daughter’s marriage. His two oldest daughters had married princes of other kingdoms and they formed through marriage useful alliances. His son had married one of the richest landlords in the country that was especially useful as well as opened financial support for the royal family.
He needed this alliance with a neighboring kingdom because he was preparing to conquer all of India, and the known worlds. Anaya was just too stubborn for her own good. She was a incurable romantic and said that she would only marry for the love and if there is chemistry what happened whenever that was's between them. The King just did not understand the youngster sometimes. He had three wives, several mistresses, and his wives had lovers on the side that could meet their erotic needs. If everybody was discreet, it all worked out. He would evenly would allow her his daughter to have a secret lover, provided that her lover was of the proper caste. If she took a lover that was lower caste, by the laws and customs of the kingdom he would have to execute his daughter’s lover and maybe his daughter as well. He tried to explain this to her, but he did not think that it got through to her. She was lost in her romantic fantasy world. they just had a big argument and told her that she would marry the prince and give him a son and that was the end of the story. After marriage, if she needed a lover, she could take a lover or two provided they were of the upper caste. However, under no circumstances could she have sexual relations with the lower caste - that was against the law and customs will result in the execution of her lover. The king had no choice in the matter, since the priests were adamant that the King’s family had to uphold the traditional caste system which was ordained by Shiva and other gods.
Arjun and Anaya hit it off. Arjun asked her to join him for a walk in the park. They started secretly meeting in the forest for long walks. While walking in the park, they began talking about their life and their pending decisions regarding marriage.
Arjun told her of his dilemma and his pending auditions. Anaya was amused and told Arjun that he had to tell her all about it, including the details of how they made love. And why he chose whom he would ultimately choose. She asked him if he was a virgin. he said that he was not, as a merchant he traveled a lot to various towns and usually stopped off at the local inn for drinks and spent the night with various bar maidens as merchants commonly did. he had a few favorite bar maids but of course he could not marry any of them because they were beneath his family’s caste and besides, one did not marry such woman.
He asked her if she was a virgin. She laughed and said,
“Yes, despite the rumors to the contrary I have not yet had sex although I did kiss a fellow prince and kissed his sister too. I liked that. After I marry, I hope my husband would let me have a girl friend or another lover if the chemistry does not work out. But I hope to lose my virginity soon. The King has arranged me to marry the son of the King of the neighboring kingdom. I met him; he seems nice enough but there was no chemistry between us. Just cannot think I would enjoy making love to him. and I do want to experience sex in all its forms. My maids all swear by oral sex and I want to try that the most.”
Arjun laughed and said,
“Well I could show you how to do that if you want some day.”
“Hmm we could do that. It would have to be top secret. You know what would happen if the King finds out….”
They both sighed and talked about the high priest campaign to enforce traditional moral codes particularly regarding sexual relations between higher and lower caste people.
Arjun pointed out the absurdity of it all. A upper caste man can go to a whore house and have sex with a lower caste woman or an untouchable and as long as they keep it strictly sexual and don’t fall in love or have a baby no one will condemn them. But an upper caste woman having sex with a lower caste man or woman for that manner is a capital offense!
Thus, Arjun and Anaya both knew that if they were caught the penalty for such an offense would be death for Arjun and maybe for Anaya as well as the inter-caste rules were strict in the kingdom, stricter than in most parts of India.
Arjun one day proposed to her that they run away to another kingdom and set up life there anonymously. She thought about it for a long time and finally agreed to join him in flight. She had decided that she had to flee the kingdom and go far away to escape the King and his insistence that she marry Prince Vihan, a man she had grown to hate. They had only a few conversations and it was clear that he was a first-class selfish asshole and only agreed to marry her for his political benefit. he was 35 years old, fat, overweight, bad complexion and ugly as sin.
He made it clear that they would have sex until she got pregnant, but he would otherwise not have sex with her as he did not find her attractive at all. He would look the other way if she wanted to have sexual relations with his friends and cousins. That could all be arranged. But one she gave birth to a son; she was of no further use to him. She would be expected to play the traditional role of a mother and wife and that was it. She would not be allowed to talk in public or express any opinions and her friends would be monitored as well to prevent any scandals from occurring. and if she were to disgrace the family honor by engaging in sexual relations with a lower caste person, he would be first to demand that she be given the death penalty.
Arjun told her that if she ran away with him, he would not carry out his audition and if they became lovers, he would only be with her from then on out. He promised to teach her everything about sex and was sure that they would be eternal lovers. He said that he felt that she was his soul mate and they had known each other before and would know each other in the next life.
He said,
I will always find you my timeless love.”
The day for their flight arrived and Arjun waited in the forest with a horse and cart. She showed up late saying that she wanted to make sure no one knew. They got in the cart and drove off.
That night they made love for the first time in a rural inn. They had told the owner that they had just gotten married and were moving back to his family's farm in the neighboring kingdom. Fortunately for them, the inn keeper did not recognize either of them and bought their story and congratulated them. and left them alone as he sensed they were having an early honeymoon. They seemed like a nice couple and the Inn Keeper and his wife were glad that they could help them start their married life the right way with plenty of love and wild passionate love making.
they kissed and undressed, and Arjun taught Anaya the art of oral sex, first doing her and then having her do him. Then they engaged in intercourse - first time for her. Afterwards they also tried anal sex as she said she wanted to try that as well. they found that they were very comparable in bed and loved making love and made love all night for two nights. Then they got ready to flee the country.
Two days later when they approached the border, they found a roadblock.
They asked the guards
“what going on?”
the guard, a young man on his first mission, said
There may be war soon. The King’s youngest daughter is missing. Prince Vihan may have kidnapped her after the King told him the marriage was off because his daughter hated him and could not marry him, and the King had to find another suitable match. Prince Vihan has declared that he expected the King to honor the original marriage contract and turn Princess Anaya over. The king said no, and everyone is preparing for war and looking for Princess Anaya. And we are also looking for Merchant Arjun because the rumor is that Prince Vihan hired him to kidnap Anaya and bring her to him. In return he would work for the royal family in his kingdom and receive a huge reward including marriage to the daughter of the richest merchant in his kingdom.”
Arjun and Anaya explained their cover story – that they were newlyweds going back to his homeland.
Just then the captain of the guards, Prince Reynas Shah, came up to them and recognized Anaya and Arjun.
“wait a moment. I recognize these two. That is Merchant Arjun and that’s Princes Anaya. What the hell are you two doing here?”
Arjun tried to deny the truth, but the Captain told him,
“Stop lying. The less you say the better. You know I know you. And you know I know her. If you are kidnapping her it would be bad for both of you. But if you are having an affair well that is the death penalty as you both know.”
They were arrested on the spot. they were marched back to the Palace and thrown in the dungeon. the Captain of the guard interrogated both and concluded that indeed Anaya and Arjun were running away together. He informed the King. The King was furious at this betrayal of custom and tradition and furious that she had made him cancel the marriage to Prince Vihan and risk war.
He sent word to Prince Vihan. Would he take her even now?
The prince was adamant. Under no circumstance would he marry a fallen woman and he hoped that she and Arjun would be executed immediately. He though promised to hold off on war provided that the King’s niece agreed to the marriage. The King told the messenger that his niece had consented and that they would proceed with a royal wedding after the trial.
A trial was held. it was a huge event. Hundreds of people flocked to see justice be met out. There was little to no sympathy for Arjun and Anaya. Both were guilty of violating the rules that all had to follow. Some suggested that Anaya was to blame as she had clearly bewitched the handsome young merchant. And she should have married Prince Vihan and followed her father’s wishes.
The ten women that Arjun was to meet all came to the trial determined to see him hang. the story of the audition has spread, and the women involved were all considered to be of loose character to agree to such a charade. And Arjun’s father and mother stood the risk of losing their business license and confiscation of all their assets.
The innkeeper testified that he had heard them in the act of sex. he had no idea who they were and if he had known he would have done his duty and alerted the King’s guards. He condemned them for betraying the King and betraying traditional morality and rules.
The captain of the guards testified as to their behavior at the guard post, and how they had almost escaped because Anaya had bewitched the guards with her beauty and charm. He had gone out to see what was going on, if he had not stopped by, they would have escaped. The guard who failed to stop them would be severely punished as well.
Arjun was asked if he had any final words before the sentence of execution was to be carried out. He said, "Only a few, my majesty. When I first met Anaya, your youngest daughter, I knew that she was my soul mate and that we were met for each other. Anaya and I are in love and even the Gods know it. If we cannot be together in this life, we will be together in the next life and there is nothing you can do to stop our timeless love. So please execute us together so we can be together forever."
The King was furious at these words and ordered Arjun and Anaya to be killed by slow torture in the public square as a lesson to all to not cross the caste barriers and keep in their god given roles in life.
They were tortured for days and finally they were beheaded. Arjun’s last words were, "I'll see you in the next life my timeless love."
Anaya smiled back at him and died.
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