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Rated: E · Novel · Romance/Love · #2237214
Sam finds himself reincarnated as King Midas with disastrous consequences

Chapter 13 King Midas’s curse

Sam and Maria once more found themselves in the world between worlds walking the path. They reminisce about their last two incarnations in Atlantis and ancient India and speculate what was to come. They were excited as always to be together again and looked forward to their next shared adventure together. They come to their next portal which is labeled
“Midas’s Curse.”

and they smiled and jumped through the portal.

Sam finds himself in a castle high up on the hill in ancient Crete. He is the King and is a very greedy self-centered king. His subjects hate and fear him. He has his secret police everywhere and they delight in torturing his enemies. He delighted in the fiendish torture that Raul the head of the secret police came up with. Often at the end of a drunken party, he would assemble his court and they would watch one of his enemies being tortured to death. His favorite was watching his enemies being forced to fight to the death or being thrown to the lions. Everyone knew the rule, showing any compassion or asking for mercy would only result in you becoming the next victim of the king’s wrath.

King Midas is obsessed with gold. He hires alchemist who all promise that they can uncover the secret to turning everything into gold. He announces that if they succeed, he will reward them with endless gold. The gold merchants are terrified at the idea that he would succeed because gold is only because is rare and hard to mine. If gold became as common as lead, they would lose everything.
The King was not yet married. His parents were obsessed with finding him the right woman to marry and be his queen and provide him with an heir. Midas on the other hand was content to be a playboy playing the field and he was not ready to settle down and become a married man. One day he met Maria the daughter of his banker and fell madly in love with her.

She hated him and told him that she would never marry him even if he were the last man on earth. She was the most beautiful woman in the Kingdom, tall, with great breasts, eyes like diamonds and black hair that ran down her back. She spoke in a sexy alto voice dripping with carnal sexual desires express and promised but unfulfilled.
She finally consented to become his wife when his alchemist promised him that he would soon be able to turn everything he touched into gold. In the end Maria turned out to be just as materialistic and corrupt as her father and King Midas himself. Although she still hated the King, she had begun to admire him and was falling secretly in love with the enigmatic aloof King.

They had a royal banquet and at dawn they finally made love. Midas fell asleep and woke up and saw that everything in his palace had been converted into gold. He walked through the palace and everything he touched turned into Gold. He turned to his wife’s chamber and found that she too had become a statute of cold as death gold. Everyone on the island was dead nothing but golden statues dotted the doomed land.

Midas cursed his fate. and killed himself in utter despair. His last words

were to his now-dead golden wife

“See you in the next world, my timeless love”

he said as he threw himself into a funeral fire and died in the flames.

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