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I once knew a witch who was evil & cunning & powerful. I escaped with nothing but my life.
Her laughter soars above the clouds,
And, we dare not say a word.
Pure evil, from hatred born,
Children be neither seen nor heard.

“Tasty little morsels, come stay with me.”
But if they do, they'll never return.
And when parents arrive, with pitchforks and torches,
She'll give them all a lesson to learn.

At night, when her cauldron is brewing,
All had better beware.
For her potion requires a sacrifice.
She is humankind's worst nightmare.

This witch can take on many forms,
Looking human on any given day.
But, there are telltale signs to watch out for,
So you'd better listen and remember what I say.

When she smiles, you will notice it lacking,
A genuine smile is so hard to fake.
Her hands will always be cold,
For her heart and soul she did forsake.

Taking what she wants without care,
And in return...only winter and death.
Despising us, as we are creatures of love,
Vowing hatred until her last dying breath.

A bloodsucker with only one goal,
To bring misery wherever she goes.
Slinking in and out of time and space,
Her victim's bodies left behind to decompose.
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