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Rated: E · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2237228
Lilly doubts “am I right taking the risk? am I convinced fear of monster is a myth?”
Lilly’s Scare of Monster

Driving back, John reminds Lilly of their plans, the visit to caves. Though enthusiastic to go ahead with the adventure, she still doubts on herself, “am I right taking the risk? am I convinced fear of monster is a myth?”
That late night party binge put the duo flat on to the sofa and her rocking chair, they fall into a deep slumber. Summer winds roar, tossing trees swing fore and aft, rattle the window panes, bang her door.
Rocked with jerk, the chair jolted her up. Walking half awake she screamed “ Oh my God, is it a quake? What was the noise? Could it be a thunderbolt? or the monster’s roar?" frightened, looks at John .

Oblivious of the happenings he is snoring!

“Silly guy, over drunk as usual,…….” she mutters , half awake, slides into her rocking chair back got into a deep slumber, with the fear the noise could signal imminent danger.

It's not so long, she is being dragged in to the cave, the sex hungry monster’s den, to serve as a toy to his amorous advances. Shrugs at the scene all around him, his consorts with inviting open arms vying with each other to grab his embrace. But monster is overwhelmed by her beautiful human form and attraction, would not lose the opportunity enjoying heart’s content. Shivering with panic that he would pounce on her, she screams at the top of voice and wakes up.

John gets thud by her loud scream, finds Lilly profusely sweating and shivering in her chair. Wiping sleepy eyes, he switches on lights, jumps out of the sofa in fear, wonders what was the noise? asks, "why’re you shivering?"

“Dreams” she smiles, blushing at her unfounded fear!


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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2237228-Lillys-Scare-of-Monster