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Sad poem that lets you know what it is like to be a car
Based on and changed upon ilem's song "Car"
A Car's Life

Though with a steering wheel,

All my life I was swerved and tottery.

Though with two pairs of seatbelts,

From danger my own safety was not secured.

My transparent glass window,

Does not reveal my inner thoughts.

This is, a car's story.

With loud, honking horns,

I have nothing to confess or say.

With bright, shining headlights,

I could not appreciate the beauty of roadside flowers.

The stars who are guiding my way,

Do not know where my destination is.

This is, my story.

My swinging windshields,

Are always accompanied by rains and storms.

My comfortable leather seats,

Are not the home of anybody.

My heart combusting and exploding,

Needless to express openly to others.

This is, a car's life.

Storing disks of music,

But oblivious to which song I like.

Together, we crossed mountains and rivers,

But alone with you, I was kept silent.

From far, it looks like the car is carrying you,

Come near, realizing that you are driving the car.

This is, a car's life.

My loud, honking horns,

Speak what you wanted to say for you.

My swinging windshields,

Protect you from storms and rains.

At least on the road,

Treat me as your home.

Please cherish your journey,

While I dedicate you my entire life.

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