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Sam and Maria met again in ancient Silla where Sam falls in love with the wrong woman.
Chapter 15 three Kingdom Period - Silla

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Three Kingdoms https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_Kingdoms_of_Korea

Sam and Maria next woke up in the world between worlds and saw a sign in Korea, "welcome to the three Kingdoms of ancient Korea"

삼국에 오신 것을 환영합니다

samgug-e osin geos-eul


and they jumped through and found themselves in ancient Silla during the Silla -Baekje war of unification in the Korean Peninsula about 650 A.D.

Sam found himself reincarnated as Kim Dongjin, the son of the Silla King Monmu on the eve of the final battle that saw Silla unify Baekjae and the entire Korean peninsula. One day the king called his military generals and senior officials including Kim Dongjin together for a strategy section. The King announced that “Operation Destroy Baekjae “would begin that day.

The king and his son Prince Kim Dongjin had decided that they would have to conquer Baekje and afterward move on to conquer Goguryeo and ultimately unify all the Korean Peninsula under their control. It was their destiny, the king explained. He had a dream in which he had conquered all of Korea, and eventually, they would conquer China itself, Japan, and maybe distant India as well. All the known world - East Asia would be under their control. It was the will of the gods, Buddha himself had appeared in this dream telling him of his destiny.

The Baekje King Uija had to be killed because he has insulted the king of Silla when he had refused to marry his daughter Kyeunsook to his son, Kim Dongjin. No one would be allowed to insult the king of Silla and get away with it. She was by accounts the most beautiful woman in the known and unknown universes, and a virgin to boot as the King of Baekje watched her like a hawk to protect her from all the scheming princes of the kingdom who all wanted her to be their mistress or wife..

His son would lead the campaign personally. When they conquer Baekje, Kim Dongjin would be given Kyeonguk for one night. He could make love to her, but in the morning, she would be executed for the crime of insulting the King of Silla, and Kim Dongjin would cut off her head. This was all foretold by Buddha in his dream who explained that it was the will of the heavenly kings. And who can go against the will of heaven, concluded the King.

Armies of Chinese troops who land on the west coast west of the capital Sabi would assist them. The two armies would join forces and destroy Baekje. They would execute all the members of the royal family. The troops would rape the women, then executed. They would show no mercy, all must die. It is the will of the heavens.

They talked about strategy for the rest of the day and prepared to march at first light. After several weeks hard combat, they entered the capital city of Sabi. They brought the King and his family before Kim Dongjin. Kim told the king of Baekje that if he let his daughter marry him, the king and his immediate family would be spared, if not, we would execute them. In any event, he would spend the night with the king’s daughter, then in the morning announce the fate of the King’s family.

The king of Baekje asked for a few words with his daughter, and Kim Dongjin agreed. The King said

“My daughter. You must marry Kim Dongjin. It is our destiny. But I do not trust him or his father to honor the agreement. After the wedding ball, I am going to flee Baekje and go into exile into China. It is all arranged. Later after you give birth to the heir, if you want to, I will send word for you and can join me in exile but will probably have to leave your son behind.”

“well if it is our fate, that is what I must do. I will go with Kim Dongjin this evening and in the morning, we will learn our fate on this date.”

Kim Dongjin and Kyungsook met that evening after a royal banquet. They hit it off instantly. It was love and first sight for both. She was tall, bosomy with a great ass, and long black hair and fiery dark as diamond eyes. Soon they were kissing and making love all night long. They tried everything all night long exploring each other’s erotic deepest carnal desires. It was her first time with a man, but Kim Dongjin was an experienced lover and taught her the pleasures of sex.

In the morning, Kim Dongjin met with his father, to plead forgiveness and to bless his marriage to Kyeongsook. King Mommu told his son that they would execute her that night as they planned all along. King Mommu promised his son you could marry another one of the Baekje princesses.

Prince Dongjin told his father

Father, I would rather die with Kyeongsook by my side, than marry another woman as she is my Soulmate and it is my fate to with her. Who am I to question fate?"

King Mommu said,

“Son, I will give you until tomorrow morning to be with her. If you still feel that way in the morning, then so be it. You will be executed as well because no one can defy the King of Silla including his son. Now get out of here and go to that Baekje witch who has taken over your Soul. I am through with you as you are no longer my son.”

He met with Kyeongsook and prepared to flee with her and her father, but the guards overheard them plotting and betrayed them. Her father and family members managed to escape, but Kyeongsook and Kim Dongjin were trapped.

the next morning the King announced the execution of the traitors to Silla and ordered them to be executed at dawn the next day.

Kyeongsook and Dongjin could spend their final day together and they made love all day.

The next day, the King asked his son if he had reconsidered his decision.

Kim Dongjin replied

Father, I love Kyeongsook with all my heart and soul. We are soul mates, and it is our fate to be together until the day we die.”

He turned to her and said

“See you in our next life, my timeless love”

The King yelled

"Off with Their Heads,"

and they were executed.

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