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This tells about a little boy that was lost
Once upon a time there was a little boy name Kevin he was 12 years old he live with his mother and father he had younger sisters he was the only boy so being the only boy in the house they expect for him to look after his 2 sisters wow somebody had to look after him so one day he wondered out in the streets he was no where to be found so he went over a bridge and there he saw a group of boys if he had stayed in the house trouble would not arrive so they follow him and was pushing him and ask him who he was he was not far from his house so he try to run back but the more he ran the more the boys caught up with him so they took him to an old house and beat him someone saw the boys how they was mistreating him so the man went over to the little boy and ask him is he alright he said no he just got a nose bleed so hew told the man i tried to run back home but they caught me the police came and took the little boy to the hospital and the took the little boy home he was not far from home he live on the Easy Street
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