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Rated: E · Short Story · Comedy · #2237300
Lambie saves the day
Turkey Time

"November is not a nice month for us turkeys, little one. So I need you to be very careful when you go outside. Stay close to home."

"But, mom, Penny and me were going over to Farmer's Field to catch worms."

"I don't think that is such a good idea. You play around here, so I can keep my eyes on you "


"Just do as I say, young man. And if you see a big truck loading up turkeys, you run as far as you can in the other direction. Promise me?"

"I can't do anything for an entire month? That stinks."

"You are right, November is NOT my favorite time of the year. We just take one day at a time. We momma's just want to keep our little gobblers safe."

"Fine! Can I go in the back yard?"

"Yes, just keep your eyes and ears open."

He stomped out of the coop and mumbled under his breath about the unfairness of it all. He kicked at the rocks and pecked at the pebbles on his way. He was angry. The young turkey strutted around the yard ready to pick a fight with anyone he met. But he was all alone. All of the other turkeys had remained inside. The yard seemed very quiet and the little turkey began to think about his mother's warning.

"Where have all my friends gone?"

His mother had never really explained her worries about November. It was all very unclear to the young turkey. She was just very sad and worried when she talked of turkeys disappearing in the night. He pictured masked men stealing him and throwing him in a truck. His mother never mentioned what happened to little turkeys after they left the truck. He assumed that the turkeys just went to another farm. It might be a bigger and better farm. He would miss his friends, but he could make new ones. The thought cheered the young tom up. November wasn't going to scare him.

"Lambie, are you there?" came a whisper from behind the barn.

"Penny, that you? Get over here...and don't call me that!"

"What's a girl going to do? That's your name!"

"Call me Tom. That's my middle name. Don't know what my mom was thinking when I was born. That is not a strong boy turkey name. She told me there were sheep sitting in the field when I was born."

"She told me it was because you were so cute and fluffy. Haha."

"Stop it, Penny"

"Okay, you are sure in a bad mood."

"It's this whole November thing. How come your parents let you out?"

"Mom and Pop weren't home this morning when I got up. So I decided to look for them. Want to help? What is the November thing?"

"Did you see a big truck?" he said, not wanting to worry his friend.

"No, but I had a dream about one pulling up in front of our coop."

"Oh, no!"


"I think your parents were taken by November. We have to go set them free."

Penny began to cry. Lambie wrapped his wing around her. He hugged her with all his might. He loved his friend and he didn't want her to be sad. Lambie was determined to free his neighbor turkey family.

"Let's go! We will find them. November is NOT taking our family."

"But we're just little, what can we do?"

"We will save them, that's what! I promise that November will not steal another turkey. "

The two turkeys ran towards the big farm. They scooted as fast as their turkey legs could carry them. They ran and ran until they reached the house. They peered at the farmers from the safety of the barn. Lambie was the first to catch sight of the big green truck. It was parked in the yard. He could hear the many gobbles of his turkey friends coming from the truck. He hushed Penny when she started to cry again.

"Come on, I have an idea."

"Why are the farmers wearing masks? Where are they taking my family?'

"Don't know for sure, but it has something to do with November. Hurry, get in here," he said as he pushed her toward the barn.

Once inside, he looked around for tools he could use to free his friends. He found only paint cans, old wood, and cardboard boxes. Lambie had a great idea. He wasn't sure why it was a good idea, but he knew there was one thing that all of the farmers feared.

"How is your chicken scratch?" he asked.

"Pretty good, Mama is very proud of me," Penny said as she started to sniffle once again.

"Alright, start writing down what I tell you. We have to hurry."

Lambie handed her a stick dipped in red paint. He called out each letter he wanted her to write. He marched back and forth like a general preparing his troops. They were in a battle against November. She chewed on her beak as she formed the letters. She wanted it perfect, so her mama could be proud. The turkey friends worked quickly and when they were done they were proud of the results.

"Put your sign on and I will put mine on. We have to be very brave when we show the farmers our signs. Think you can do that?"

"Yes, for my mama and papa!"

The pair walked out of the barn and towards the farmers. They held their heads up high and walked wing in wing as pals. As the approached the farmers began to point at them. The men in the overalls and masks backed away from the young turkeys. There was fear in their eyes and they tugged at their masks. Several men ran for the house, while one man opened the back of the gate on the truck. So many turkeys flew from the truck bed to make their escape. The gobblers were loud and their joy at their new found freedom was real. When Penny found her parents in the group, she hugged them tight.

"Mom, Lambie...I mean Tom saved you. He was so brave."

"Thank you, young Tom. How did you do it?"

"It was the sign. Not sure why, but farmers just don't like these letters,"Lambie Tom said

All the turkeys in the field tilted their heads to read the signs. They were just as confused as the little turkeys, but whatever worked was fine with them.

"COVID lives here!" the sign screamed.

"That naughty November has been canceled." Lambie Tom cheered.

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