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A night for the hunters...
(Word Count - 637)

Slashing through the head of another vampire, Charlie was breathless. She wiped the blood off of her machete and continued into the nest to find more when her partner Hayden came from the other side.

"All clear" she said, aimlessly.

The vampires, feeding off people in their shed almost at the edge of the town of Eeire, Indiana, were noticed by the duo hunters when the couple had to stop at the town for some dinner. They came across the case displayed on the television while arguing about which is the best combination, peanut butter and jelly or Nutella and bananas on bread.

"I still think Nutella and bananas top your disgusting thing" Charlie said rolling her dark blue eyes and wiping blood from her chestnut cheeks.

"Oh please! The only reason you don't like it is because of your hatred towards peanuts. Like, what did that do to you?" Hayden retorted pulling her dark hair back into a high bun.

"I sometimes wonder if you are human."

"Maybe if you weren't hung up protesting against nuts you'd know that I was"

The girls head back to their black impala, to drive to any motel they can find.

"You can sleep till we find one, it could be for an hour" Hayden says while the engine roars to life.

"No, you'd probably have to carry me to the room." Charlie replies while tying her red hair into a high ponytail.

"I sure will"

It wasn't long for them to find a motel called 'Motel 6' right off the highway. They pulled over at the reception desk and got down to find sand under their shoes. It was confusing since mostly it would be gravel.

They walked up to the receptionist and asked a room for two. The receptionist, a woman with rich dark skin tone and beautiful grey eyes stared back at them in shock since no one ever comes here.

"You two want to book a room for tonight?" She asks again to see if she was dreaming.

"Yes that's right" Charlie replies with hesitance.

"Okay yeah sure... Uh... that would be $60"

The two pay up, still skeptical about her behavior, and receive the key to their room number 406.

"I swear to God that was weird" Hayden says while opening the door to the twin bedroom. It was a normal looking motel room with a table and a television screen on the opposite side of the beds with a table and a chair next to it at the corner. The walls were of a white and black crisscross pattern and the bed covers matched the theme. The lamps were on both the beds with their own drawers underneath them. A closet was situated near the attached bathroom whose entrance was next to the beds with a glass sliding door.

"It sure was" said Charlie while she ran to the bathroom.

Hayden realized that she had to unload the bags from the car, in case someone stooped in.

“I hate you” she murmured under her breath.

“I love you too!!” came the reply from the bathroom.

Hayden went out of the room towards their car to pick up the supplies and heard a dog like howl from the far end of the motel. 'Weird' she thought as she assumed the place was empty except for the girl at the desk.

She reached the car to find blood on the steps of the lounge and her hunter instincts kicked in. She had a silver blade on her since most creatures tend to get wounded by the metal. As she stealthily and carefully reached the door, she saw through the glass what looked like a hairy looking creature, almost man-like. It was wearing clothes of a human being but it looked like it was going to rip apart.
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