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by Norman
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Could I ignore that mustache?
The baby had a mustache!
It was obvious to me.
I took another quick glance.
I thought, “How could that be?”

But I was not mistaken.
That hairy thing was real.
It wasn’t just a shadow.
That thing was the real deal.

I stared at her with wonder,
confused with what to say.
Could I ignore that mustache?
Should I just look away?

Her mom was so excited.
She couldn’t hide her joy.
I thought it might be different
if the baby were a boy.

The baby was a cute thing,
all covered up in pink.
But when you saw that mustache,
you had to stop and think.

Her mom began to laugh then
and caught me by surprise.
She looked at my expression,
as tears rolled from her eyes.

She couldn’t stop her laughing,
while I was so confused.
That mustache was a fake one.
I realized I’d been used.

The mom peeled off the mustache,
A sliver of a strip.
She was the cutest baby
without that hairy lip.

And I was so relieved then.
I couldn’t be more glad.
And I just laughed along, too,
‘cause I’m the baby’s dad.
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