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A Poetry about Sunrise.
For SUNRISE poetry

When dawn comes and the sun will rise
Behold its splendor and you'll be surprise!
Take a gaze to the grandest azure
A picturesque view, a perfect sight to capture.

The first drops of golden rays sift through clustered green
Let the deeply slumbered earth to render its sheen.
A flock of dandelions drift, gyrate and twist
As the wind blows to lift the fog and the morning mist.

Now at a glance to the prairies below
Butterflies and bees drift at the meadows,
Where flowers bloom and grasses sway
Captivate all curious bugs to stay.

For every river that never run dry
For every stream that mirrors the vibrant sky
For every threadlike web that cradles each morning dew
Are crystals creating clones of natures magnificent views.

As trees stand firm along the alley
Cast a shade to passers by each day.
Its sturdy boughs that hold each nest
Provides weary cranes a place to rest.

Take a chance to bask beneath the shade
The little birds will pamper you with their sweet serenade.
Marvel the leaves that dance to and fro,
Whispering secrets as the wind passes through.

On the noon time, when the sun is at its peak
Here comes its wonder, a nature's mystique
Have you ever witnessed? Have you ever seen,
Those tiny pebbles dancing with the wind?

When daytime starts to end its shift
Nature never fails to show its parting gift
She paints with a thousand hues in her palette
A picture that you will see in the sunset.

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