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With so many belief systems how can we know which one is truth & why do they all compete?
Our values have certainly changed
Some worse...some better
But no matter the time or place
Values still hold significant measure

Some value wealth above all else
Their sights may be far-fetched
And although money is important
I feel its value is overstretched

Morals change with the times
How would someone of old feel?
Walking along a sun-drenched beach
Embarrassed by what the sunbakers reveal

So much has changed
And unless we move, we get left behind
It is unacceptable to drag our feet
Even if we don't like what we find

Do values change people?
Or is it people who change values sound?
Or is it the individual who sets the bar?
Paid forward when karma comes around

The measure of success is not always success
And cannot be determined by only one man
When failure is looked down upon by the ignorant
Not seeing its value in the overall plan

It's not values which create issues
But the judgement of those who disagree
There is no right or wrong...within reason
Coming down to what we as individuals see

Belief systems hold us in place
Otherwise, there would be anarchy
And with no moral standards nor ethical values
So, no worthwhile take for humanity

But, with so many systems in place
Which one's values still hold true?
When each is just a variation of the other
And competition between themselves to outdo

Is this the way values should be applied?
If respecting other's beliefs gets pushed to the side
When it's done in favour of our own
Something no one should ever condone

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