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We still just cannot believe he's really gone...
Boy, 2020 can really punch people in the gut, can they? I mean, we were expecting a very good year when it arrived back in January, and now, here we are: In what was supposed to be our best year ever has been plagued by a pandemic caused by the coronavirus, taking away all of our plans, our hopes, dreams, you name them, we may have lost them. You just stand there in the blank universe, walking around like a zombie trying to find out what else bad is going to happen next, while you try and hope for anything better to come along.
While I won’t get into any more details about this year, among those is the one that most of us who have grown up watching “Jeopardy!” for three decades have been dreading: The sudden passing of the one and only Alex Trebek. This is a shock to all of us who have loved this man and have been cheering for him ever since the day he announced that he was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer back in March of last year; I think that we all thought that he was going to pull right through, to just carry right on and to beat this awful cancer once and for all. But we had just learned in the end, cancer won out.
We are all in a state of incredible shock and sadness right now, as we have lost a real, true icon whom we have welcomed into our living rooms for over 35 years; as of right now, I can hardly think of anybody who would replace him, even though one time he jokingly mentioned Betty White.

Alex Trebek was the man whom all of our hearts have been touched by; he made you laugh, cry, and made you get ready for what you can expect from him. There have been so many game show hosts out there who have their own unique style, but Alex’s style is somehow authoritative; In fact, I would sometimes like to call him “Mr. Authoritative”, because of his knowledge. He made knowledge somehow look cool to kids and teenagers everywhere, and he even made superstars out of such contestants as Ken Jennings and James Holtzhauer.
Even though the cancer had spread to his body, Alex Trebek kept working; even though he was still in pain, he kept on truckin’, as they say. And even in the final days of his life, he worked up enough courage to host the game show which he had been hosting for the past 35 years.
So I would say with that, it is time to offer our heartfelt thanks to Alex Trebek for making us feel good in our homes night after night; Sometime in the coming year, we might, and I am thinking we might get a new host who would be as authoritative as Alex Trebek...but in the meantime, let us remember him as a host, a hero, and a good human being.
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