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This tell how a man looks for a job but a friend came through for him
Hello my name is Keith i beein looking for a job for a very long time i dont have much experience in anything but i can learn quickly so i apply online and i i see that a lot of what i could do is out of my range the only thing i can do is flip burgers i have toi be train to do a different kind of job but i was willing to learn i get around on my bike because i dont have a car and i dont have any money so one day i met up with a friend that i know he told me that he works at a gas station so i told him it is my first job so i will apply for job i live alone my mother told me when i get a certain age i got to move out so finding a job is not easy so i thank God for my friend he was able to help me so im so grateful so if you ever in need a you need a job ask your friend so he will make your job hunting easy
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