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by K.HBey
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Albert receives a job offer online. He wonders whether he should accept it or not.

The commercial

"Hi! Albert Smith!" The commercial on the laptop screen says.
Albert is astonished.
"Hi! Who are you and how do you know me?" Albert says with his hazel eyes wide open.
"I am the manager of COMPOSS. We are a company of artificial intelligence. Your name is in our human resource database. You are a famous informatics engineer and you have ten years of experience. You have worked for many companies indeed. Your CV is rich indeed", Peter says fully confident.

"Are you a robot? I have never heard about your company. COM? POSS? Do you say? What do you want from me?" Albert replies.
"We need new website concepts asap", Peter says in the live chat.
"Can you send me the assignment with the job contract please?" Albert says.
"We have no time for that. I have a letter job offer with the big company sign to send you. Please put the charge you expect we pay generously", Peter replies.
"OK! I will read your letter and will respond to you in one week," Albert says taking the scanned letter with his trembling hands.

"Are you serious, Albert? We need you now, do you grab this? Please send me back the signed scanned job offer letter with the charge amount now," Peter says.
"Let me think for a while please," Albert replies hesitating.
"Is it a real opportunity? It is exactly the position that I have so dreamt about", Albert says to himself.
"Susan, can you read this, my love?" Albert asks completely overwhelmed, his wife.

"A job offer? Wonderful! But dear, you should be careful. It is online. You should get some warranties before engaging yourself," she replies.
"They want me to sign now or never", he replies.
"My dear you should think again", she replies looking at his eyes straight forward with her worried blue eyes.
"I will sign it. I have nothing to lose", he says.
"But your work can be afforded for free. They might not pay you if it were a scam", she says.
"If I will not sign I will lose this big opportunity. I cannot work for four months because of the COVID19 pandemic as you know. It is our ultimate chance," he replies.

"Here it is the scanned letter", Albert responds excitedly.
"You are a wise gentleman. We were sure that you will sign it. Great!" Peter responds.
"You want only 10.000.00US dollars for one concept? Look we will do a big deal. You will conceive ten new websites and we will add 1000.00 US dollars per concept," he adds.
"Ok! It is perfect. When would you pay me?" Albert asks.
"Until you finish the ten concepts", Peter says.
"What? I need money. You should pay me please when I will finish five concepts at least," Albert says.
"We understand that you are in a money need. We agree", Peter replies.
"Please read this document carefully. It contains the details of the job we expect from you", Peter says.
"Ok! Thank you!" Albert says.

"You are rocking a lot dear", Susan says.
"I have to finish the five new website concepts before the end of this month", Albert replies.
"Albert, I start to perceive some contractions. The birth of our baby will happen asap", Susan says.
"I look forward to that lovely. Our daughter will lead a wealthy life", Albert replies.
"I should go to the hospital tomorrow", Susan says.
"Tonight I will finish the last concept, we will both go to the hospital, my love", he replies.

"Hi! Albert, have you finished yet the work?" Peter says in the chat.
"Here it is attached in this present chat", Albert says.
"Great! Albert! We will assess your work and be reaching you soon", Peter replies.
"Ok!" Albert says.

"Albert, my dear, I have very painful contractions, we should go to the hospital asap", Susan says.
"It will be Ok! Susan, I am sure," Albert says kissing her and putting his hand on her belly.
"Haaa!" Susan screams catching Albert's hands closely.
"Albert, the doctor has said that I need a cesarian", Susan adds.
"Don't worry! It will be Ok! I am with you and I will not leave you", he replies.

After twenty-four hours, Albert and Susan return home.
"Natalia, my beautiful daughter, how are you?" Albert says.
"She is an angel," Susan says hugging her and breastfeedings her.
"I try to reach Peter in vain", Albert says nervously.
"He was supposed to reach you yesterday, isn't it?" Susan replies.
"Yes, indeed," Albert says.

The morning Albert finds a message from Peter saying, "Dear Albert, your work has been accepted and we will soon proceed to your payment".
"Hi! Peter," Albert says in his live chat.
However, Peter does not respond lively.

A month later, Albert is not paid yet. He decides to grab the address and he goes in person to COMPOSS company.
"Hello! Is it COMPOSS company, madam", Albert says in front of a wide reception inside a gigantic building.
"Yes, sir. Can I help you?" The waiter says.
"I want to talk with Peter," he says
The waiter launches a weird glance and smiles, "Peter? The manager is the only person who is now present. Would you like to meet him, sir?"
"Ok! Albert responds.

"Hello! I am Albert Smith", Albert says to the manager.
"Hello! Albert. How can I help you?", the manager replies.
"I dealt previously with Peter but he did not pay me for my job," Albert says frowning his eyebrows.
"Peter?" The manager Jacque says when smiling.
"What's up with him? Why everyone is laughing?" Albert says crossing his fingers.
"Peter is a robot who responds to our clients", Jacque says.
"A robot? No! It is impossible, he chatted with me like a human", Albert says.

"I have seen your job. It is excellent. Mister Albert, we are sorry for this incident but our human resource and technical committees have accepted your work effectively and we will pay you according to the arrangement previously done", Jacque says
"We cannot take all the concepts for the moment unfortunately but we will assess the rest of your work later", he adds.
"Here is your check, we will deal further with you in the future", Jacque adds
"Thank you!" Albert says leaving COMPOSS company with an amount of 20.000.00 US dollars. A quick thought about his daughter Natalia invades his spirit.

KHBEY/The commercial/ 1074 words/ November 12 th 2020

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