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list of things I am thankful for.
I am thankful for:

1 god, and his mysterious ways
2 all the years that I got to spend with my mom
3 that she is no longer in pain
4 Amber
5 my dad
6 sigh- my sister
7 the uncles I never see
8 Amber's Grandparents
9 Amber's mom
10 the rest of Amber's family
11 Ruby Bridges, the cat we got from Ruby Tuesday's dumpster as a kitten, she loves me like no one else.
12 Gracie Ginger, the puppy that was born around the anniversary of my mother's death last year, she brightened a
difficult time of year.
13 Johnny Frost, the dog we rescued from a horrible home and the father of Gracie.
14 Precious Angel Rose Pete Goodgirl Princess of The Uni-verse, our very special dog.
15 Sophia, The High Princess of The Universe, the only dog you really have to know.
16 my writing
17 the existence of writing at all
18 all the books I have loved to read
19 finding just the right size purse
20 finding a tablet computer the right size for my purse
21 my stupid smartphone.
22 chocolate
23 strawberries
24 pizza
25 that our stove seems willing to work this month
26 that we just got a new microwave
27 foil pans for cooking Thanksgiving dinner
28 our fenced yard, I know the dogs appreciate it too.
29 all the books I hated to read
30 television, a cheap way to entertain myself when my brain doesn't want to write
31 board games, especially Lord of the Rings Monopoply
32 that amazon sells really comfortable mattresses online for cheap
33 That the local rent to own place still takes my calls
34 our new washer
35 washable potty pads for our dog that won't go out in the cold
36 our house
37 the existence of computers
38 that dogs are such good listeners
39 that dogs can't (really) talk
40 King, our neutered male cat who loves cuddles, dogs, and to cuddle dogs.
41 bottled water, our tap water tastes nasty and I'm not always sure it's safe
42 ruby red squirt
43 alarm clocks, and the alarm app on my phone- no really they help me sleep, if they didn't exist I wouldn't sleep for
fear of oversleeping.
44 air conditioners.
45 central heating
46 electricity
47 running water, even if it tastes bad
48 doorknobs, how would you open a door without them?
49 doors, what would you slam if they didn't exist?
50 NaNoWriMo
51 writing.com
52 my friends online
53 my friends offline
54 that our house came with a neighbor who insists on mowing our yard too
55 "The Contest Challenge - it motivates me to write at least a little every month.
56 the promptly poetry challenge- same reason only it is weekly
57 automobiles, trucks and such
58 horses, unicorns, pegasi and such
59 butterflies, especially monarchs
60 grasshoppers, locusts and such
61 all the other dogs I have had in my life
62 all the other cats that have had me
63 did I mention Chocolate? - I did, then caramels
64 weavers, weaving and fabric, who would want to have to wear smelly skins all the time?
65 Leather- what it's durable
66 the mind of its own that my computer apparently has, (bringing up youtube while I'm writing a list)
67 paint
68 paper(this should rank higher)
69 properly managed medication
70 nyquil
71 dog & cat sweaters
72 bandages, see above
73 masks
74 tissues
75 sore throat lozenges
76 email
77 messenger
78 texting
79 MSN
80 Google
81 pillows
82 blankets
83 my comfy jammies
84 slippers
85 shoes
86 clothing
87 hair, hey balding happens
88 haircare products
89 automatic washers and dryers in general though I suppose I'd be just as thankful for a rock
90 Dishwasher
91 refrigeration
92 computer mouses
93 infomercials they keep you company at night
94 posters, paintings, other visual arts of the flat wall hanging type.
95 sculpture, and the act of sculpting
96 the wheel
97 the pen
98 pencils
99 autocorrect
100 that this list is done.
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