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This mournful time
November, this month, like brown leaf!
Never be green again, have to carry on grief.
Oh! It's only for me, not for others,
This month will be coming always to bother!

The pain I had, that is now doubled!
If she were here by now, I could cuddle.
Where is she? I won't ask you to find.
I look back, how many years I left behind.

Darkness! Oh! Darkness! no light to enlighten
All the leaf's now brown! I'm frightened!
Never be green again! can't restart anew?
Young leaves will never grow, I shouldn't have the view!

Was this a commitment?Thus I'll have all end?
My hopes, dreams, wounds couldn't be mend!
Should I say, "Goodbye! world !" My time is up now
Oh! I can't leave hope, how should I say? How?

Line count:- 16 lines.
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